Let stdout/stderr of watched processes be logged to syslog

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Jul 5, 2011, 11:49:26 AM7/5/11
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is it possible to let stdout/stderr of watched processes be logged to syslog in a reliable manner? Currently I see these possibilities which all have their drawbacks:

1) process.start_command = "/usr/bin/myapp 2>&1 | logger"
This would instruct bluepill to watch the shell which starts /usr/bin/myapp and logger as its children. When either of them is killed, bluepill wouldn't notice.

2) use process.stdout and process.stderr directives
Currently, stdout and stderr require a filename as an argument. Using syslog-ng, this file could then be read into syslog. This solution induces an undesired coupling between syslog-ng configuration and bluepill.

I'd love to see bluepill to be extended with the capabilities of the logger.rb component that's bundled with bluepill. However, my knowledge of ruby is very limited.

Thanks for your help,
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