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Rob Ward

Jan 26, 2021, 5:51:25 AM1/26/21

I have given up. I think the program should be called "Mutton Bird" (Frigate Bird?), as these birds build their nest underground and hide from view.

Unable to get any response from him after 3 tries last year. His site does not make it obvious to me how licence holders like myself can communicate with him.


On 12/1/21 8:09 pm, wrote:
zarcom <>: Jan 11 05:58AM -0800

It appears that the last update was Oct 2019. I just checked *Daniel
Glazman* and I see his company Disruptive Innovation lists his French
contact information If
someone in Europe can call him and let us know if he is OK and report back
it will be appreciated.
On Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 3:58:34 PM UTC-8 fruitstone wrote:
fruitstone <>: Jan 11 07:14AM -0800

(a copy of my mail to GM)
Hallo, Bonjour, Daniel Glazman,
are you still there, some people like me are trying to reach you for
example in Google+.
Special needs are concentrated on BlueGriffon ... is the bird still flying ?
Please give me an answer if you can,
i tried to reach you on your companie's phone.
The TelRob said that there isn't a correct number.
Best regards
Olaf Steinebach
zarcom schrieb am Montag, 11. Januar 2021 um 14:58:40 UTC+1:
fruitstone <>: Jan 11 09:37AM -0800

Aah ... by the way ... you can bypass the failures of BG 3.1 under Mac Big
Sur by installing the whole thing under a Parallels Windows session; while
i'm working with other apps under Windows 10 and Big Sur simultaneously it
fits perfectly ... you can drag and drop from the Mac side and the Windows
side vice versa ... you can start Windows-Apps like Mac-Apps (nearly)
natively ... and at least, if you have a complex BlueGriffon installation (
add-ons etc. ) under MacOS you can shift the whole BG Profiles folder from
the MacOS library to the Windows (10) %appfolder% ... from my point of view
it works fine :) Give it a try ... OS :)
fruitstone schrieb am Montag, 11. Januar 2021 um 16:14:56 UTC+1:
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