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Rob Ward

Apr 7, 2021, 5:37:18 AM4/7/21
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"It's fairly clear to me that Daniel has abandoned BlueGriffon." Wellmy guess is, unless someone pays him for a new copy maybe, it is the support for the existing lifetime licences that appears to have gone. Happy to be proved wrong.

RocketCaje gas one big problem for me, no Linux version???
Cheers, RobW

On 7 April 2021 7:09:14 pm AEST, wrote:
Greg Chapman <>: Apr 06 10:12AM +0100

It's fairly clear to me that Daniel has abandoned BlueGriffon. He used
to jump on people who posted anything on this group about alternative
programs or even general HTML/CSS coding, pointing out this was a
BlueGriffon support group only.
I came across this program a few weeks ago. It rarely features on "Best
Web Editor" listing web sites, but seems to be very much on the spirit
of NVu/KompoZer/BlueGriffon and with a similar policy and pricing for
the "pro" edition. <>
I confess I have haven't even run the setup program let alone used it in
the real world but I did read the docs at:
on the face of it an excellent BlueGriffon substitute.
In general, however, it seems that the world has moved on. No one codes
sites from scratch these days and even the pros use rely on bloatware
such as WordPress to keep their clients happy. But those products just
don't produce the compact standards compliant code that BlueGriffon and
its predecessors made it so easy to do. :-(
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