BlueGriffon and macOS 11.

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Apr 8, 2021, 3:16:00 PM4/8/21

Rather than take part in the controversy I went to the side of the BG github repository:

I found step descriptions for building BG from scratch.
I used GIT, forked BG and started building.
For your information there are already 38 forks.
Some dependencies have to be installed with MacPort.
Most important, I set macOS SDK to 11.1.
Then the configuration runs.
Then building runs.
Unfortunately I have got this error in Rust:

1:31.62 Compiling core-graphics v0.7.0
1:32.13 error[E0713]: borrow may still be in use when destructor runs
1:32.13 --> /opt/bluegriffon-source/third_party/rust/url/src/
1:32.13 |
1:32.13 244 | impl<'a> Target for ::UrlQuery<'a> {
1:32.13 | -- lifetime `'a` defined here
1:32.13 245 | fn as_mut_string(&mut self) -> &mut String { &mut self.url.serialization }
1:32.13 246 | fn finish(self) -> &'a mut ::Url { self.url }
1:32.13 | ^^^^^^^^ - here, drop of `self` needs exclusive access to `*self.url`, because the type `UrlQuery<'_>` implements the `Drop` trait
1:32.13 | |
1:32.13 | returning this value requires that `*self.url` is borrowed for `'a`
1:32.21 error: aborting due to previous error

Is there someone having already built BG from source?
If so how to correct this error?

Thanks, Pascal.


Apr 11, 2021, 6:28:18 AM4/11/21

First of all, since Daniel is out (I wish he hasn't a relapse), he can't allow new posters on the BR news group.
It's a real issue. How could it be addressed?

Well, today, I've managed to achieve build phase with only a dozen files modified:
2:55.25 Your build was successful!

Unfortunately, some thing seems missing when executing:
2021-04-11 10:21:35.869 bluegriffon[70495:2887340] Minimum OS version requirement not met!

Though I'm running on macOS 11.2. Any idea?

Thanks, Pascal.


Apr 13, 2021, 5:18:37 AM4/13/21

With help of few tweaks, I work around version mismatch issues.
The application starts :-)
Unfortunately, the UI doesn't deploy due to many errors from the XUL file:

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://bluegriffon/content/xul/bluegriffon.xul
Line Number 1031, Column 5: <menu id="windowMenu"

These errors are quite numerous :-(
I try to suppress the offending lines but there are still others, maybe it isn't the good way.
== Any idea may help ==

Note 1 : concerning last BG release it is still working with macOS 10.15 if some of you are blocked they might downgrade their macOS version.

Note 2 : SeaMonkey is the all in one app from Mozilla with web browser, mail, news, etc and HTML editor (a parent of BlueGriffon):
Just do File -> New -> Composer Page (creation)
or do File -> Edit Page (edition)

HTH, Pascal.

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