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May 20, 2021, 12:48:45 PM5/20/21
to bluegriffon
I have been using Kompozer and, later, BlueGriffon since they appeared. BlueGriffon is an ideal tool for the fast creation of small .html files. All the time, however, I've been fighting with absolute addressing. 

Absolute addresses in .html files are convenient when one has to write many .html files with common .css styles and other resources, and the files will be loaded into a diverse structure of folders on the server. Local absolute addresses written by BlueGriffon for Windows are in the format "file:///D:/myFolders/mySource.ext". This format is not interpretable by the web server. The prefix "file:///D:" (the scheme and the local disc locator) must be stripped off before the files are loaded. However, such files cannot be edited later since local server-like absolute addresses are not readable by BlueGriffon. 

Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and Maxthon browsers, Perl interpreter, and XENU link checker can read and interpret server-like absolute addresses in local files correctly. However, Firefox and BlueGriffon cannot. I can be only very sorry for them. 

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