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Jul 11, 2020, 10:44:36 PM7/11/20
to bluegriffon
I have been using BlueGriffon for a number of years now. I have bought a new computer and was going to move BlueGriffon over to it. I looked up the current machine, that I have not touched, and it showed the Licence key and Transaction number so I could do a "deactivation", reinstall the latest software on the new machine and bring up the new installation.

Today is the day to move it over. When I went to the old machine to do the "deactivation", the Properties/Licence tab showed empty. I looked at the text file I had saved with the Licence and Transaction number and tried them but each time BG returned "Invalid Licence". If I try to request a "Request a reset Link", BG tells me there is no network. I have have pinged and it worked just fine.

I have installed the latest version of BG on my new computer and it says "Invalid Licence". This is not so surprising, as I am pretty sure I have not deactivated the original copy. But I tried it just in case.

So can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Cheers, Rob
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