ANN: python-blosc2 1.0.7 released

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Francesc Alted

May 26, 2021, 3:55:04 PM5/26/21
to Blosc
Announcing python-blosc2 0.1.7

In this release the wheels come with headers and binaries for the
C-Blosc2 library.
This is a convenient way to get access to the C-Blosc2 development files without
waiting for your favorite distribution system to get the latest version of it.

Changes from python-blosc to python-blosc2

* The functions `compress_ptr` and `decompress_ptr` are replaced by
pack and unpack since Pickle
protocol 5 comes with out-of-band data.
* The function `pack_array` is equivalent to `pack`, which accepts any
object with attributes `itemsize`
and `size`.
* On the other hand, the function `unpack` doesn't return a numpy
array whereas the `unpack_array`
builds that array.
* The `blosc.NOSHUFFLE` is replaced by the `blosc2.NOFILTER`, but for backward
compatibility `blosc2.NOSHUFFLE` still exists.
* A bytearray or NumPy object can be passed to the `blosc2.decompress`
function to store the
decompressed data.

For more info, you can have a look at the release notes in:

More docs and examples are available in the documentation site:

## What is it?

Blosc is an open source high performance compressor optimized for binary data
(i.e. floating point numbers, integers and booleans). It has
been designed to transmit data to the processor cache faster
than the traditional, non-compressed, direct memory fetch approach
via a memcpy() OS call. Blosc main goal is not just to reduce the
size of large datasets
on-disk or in-memory, but also to accelerate memory-bound computations.

python-blosc2 is a pythonic wrapper for the c-blosc2 library.

## Sources repository

The sources and documentation are managed through github services at:

c-blosc2 is distributed using the BSD license, see
for details.

## Mailing list

There is an official Blosc mailing list where discussions about
c-blosc2 are welcome:

## Tweeter feed

Please follow @Blosc2 to get informed about the latest developments.

Enjoy Data!
- The Blosc Development Team
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