Celebrate my last geocaching event tomorrow!

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Jessica Falkenthal

Jun 7, 2013, 12:37:34 PM6/7/13
to Bloomington Geocachers
Hey everyone!

It has been my sincere privilege to lead the Bloomington Geocachers for the past 4 years. I've met a lot of great people and even my best friends through geocaching. I'm proud of the amazing geocaching community we've built in Bloomington and the quality of geocaches we have that has resulted in it being a destination that other geocachers from several states away travel to for geocaching! Sadly, I am leaving Bloomington & moving to San Francisco on June 12th. So we're going to have a fun party on Saturday to chat about geocaching & I'd love for you to come!

Bloomington Geocachers Needs New Leadership
From 2009-2012 we had regular monthly geocaching events that included picnics, hikes, dinners at restaurants, cookie exchanges, geocaching competitions, a trash cleanup at Allen's Creek, walking across a frozen lake, canoeing, nightcaching, and of course finding lots of geocaches together. As I am leaving, I would love to find about 4-6 people who would each be interested in hosting 1-2 events a year in Bloomington to help bring our geocaching community together. It's easy, pick a date & location, write out the details and submit an event on the geocaching submission process, just like you would a normal geocache. Events must be submitted at least 2 weeks ahead of time. (It's the easiest event planning I've ever done for a community organization) If you need any help or ideas, I will ALWAYS be a quick email or phone call away to help from afar. I will still care about seeing the Bloomington Geocachers be awesome even from afar!
We also need some volunteers to rewrite content on our website http://www.bloomingtongeocaching.com/ and someone else to manage our Facebook page & email group. I've also sent "Welcome to Bloomington Geocaching" messages to new geocachers in the area every 6 months or so, inviting them to events & offering help

Want to talk about it first? Email me! 
Want to volunteer? Email me!

Aloha Bloomington
Saturday, June 8th, 12-3pm at Bryan Park (the shelterhouse near Woodlawn)
It's a picnic potluck! Here's a tentative menu so far. Post in a log on the geocaching event page what you're bringing, so we don't end up with 15 tubs of potato salad! Come meet other geocachers, chat about geocaching, get some advice on some hard geocaches you can't find & eat delicious food!
Fried chicken- MonsterCatAmbush
Meat to grill- Lucky Chavez & CuriousCretins
Veggie Burger Patties- Mickey4Jes (I'm only bringing 4, so please leave in your log if you're a vegetarian. I know Emiayu & I are)

Side Dishes
Taco dip and tortilla chips- Kemtek
Corn bread muffins- DJHobby
Sunchips- ForTheLoveOfSunrises
Beanie-veggie salad- ForTheLoveOfSunrises
Baked beans- GreyGhosts54
Pasta salad- purduechickie

Monster cookie dough dip- Hunting Hanlons
chocolate chip cookies- Emiayu
Banana split pie dessert- Jenischmeni
Birthday cake- RedJackRyan (It's his birthday!)

Cooler of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and water- Original Scarecrow

Plates, cups, napkins, silverware- Mickey4Jes

Facebook Group
A few people asked me to setup a Facebook group, so that people could meet, share and discuss geocaching stuff on Facebook. Our Facebook Page that we've had going has been great for announcements, but not informal discussions. Use it to ask for hints on caches you can't find or see if anyone's interested in going geocaching sometime with you. It is intended to be more social than what we have here on our e-mail list. So here it is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/133110390112003/ Feel free to join if you're interested.


Hope to see you at tomorrow's event! Let me know if you have any questions! I will miss you all!

Jess (Mickey4Jes)

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