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Dec 10, 2009, 12:06:08 PM12/10/09
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The unimaginable has become reality, and the way you think about
wireless phones is about to change forever! Our new and innovative
wireless business is creating an unparalleled home business
opportunity for people everywhere. The largest transfer of wealth is
about to get underway as people in the U.S. replace the last of their
land-line carriers and go 100% wireless.

Mobile phones have definitely become the most vital part of our lives.
It is hard to imagine life without mobile phones. They are now
inexpensive, easy to use, comfortable and equipped with every
imaginable feature. From children to middle-aged to senior citizens,
mobile phones have become gone from craze to a basic necessity of
life. With our fast lifestyles, mobile phones allow us to stay
connected wherever we are, and whenever we need.

No one in direct selling...not even in retail wireless history has
ever been paid as much as our company pays out on monthly wireless
bills. How much does your household spend on wireless bills per month?
$100? $200? $500? Americans alone spend over $11 billion per month on
wireless phone bills! We can do it and give you better, faster
services for less than you pay now.

Finally, there's a company that is creating a Wireless Residual
Revolution! Imagine getting paid commissions each month on the
wireless phone bill of everyone you know? How about monthly
commissions that start from $3.50 on up to $14.00 per month, depending
upon their plan... on the wireless bill of everyone you know?
How about a fully stocked wireless store with hundreds of thousands of
wireless phones and accessories?

How about we give you UNLIMITED EVERYTHING...unlimited talk, text,
data, internet, an interactive personal assistant and more for one
FLAT fee? Do you want to call other countries without having extra
fees added to your bill?
We can do that, too.
What that means is that if you pick the $39.99 plan...$39.99 is your
monthly bill. We don't add in anything else to the bottom line!

Revolutions are how millionaires are created.
The WIRELESS GOLD RUSH will happen only once! Your wireless phone will
become your one device to communicate, access the Internet, and simply
live your everyday life. Over the next 10 years, wireless phones will
replace all the devices we use. They have already replaced our home
phones, mp3 players and even our computers.

It's the easiest conversation you will ever have....
Do you have a mobile phone?
Do you know 3 or more people that own a wireless phone?
Does your wireless company pay you to use your wireless phone?
Do you know 3 or more people who would like to get paid on their
monthly wireless bill and the bill of everyone you know?
Do you think you would like to be able to buy hundreds of thousands of
wireless phones and accessories at 50%-80% below retail and be able to
sell them at retail pricing?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may qualify to own
your own retail wireless business for less than $75.00.
Complete online training provided.

To learn more, please review this information and then contact me to
learn more.
Donald Howard Smith

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