Is there any possibility to claim the "Footer" completely?

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Jul 3, 2010, 11:19:14 AM7/3/10
to Blogger Template Design Group
I really wonder if there's any way to claim the footer to be yours.

My blog is I already have modified
it, but is it possible that I can change the "footer" to be completely
attributed to me?

Is it legal?

What instances when can we completely claim the footer to be our
designs? Thank you!!!

Alex Cost

Jul 4, 2010, 9:09:11 PM7/4/10
to Blogger Template Design Group
No, man. It's no legal. What you can do is put an "copyrighted symbol
plus you name" side by side from the text...see

In this case, i mean that the Blogger content is made by me (articles,
various images, some manipulated images, changes in color and text
from template), but the template is from Tina Chen.

To change the footer completely, you must create your own template.

Look At

Jul 5, 2010, 5:10:03 AM7/5/10
to Blogger Template Design Group
I agree with Alex Cost, it tends to a illegal activity. Besides,
Attribution is about how we appreciate The workmanship. I have a blog
with two designs, then I made a mixture of both of them. And I give
them Attributions on footer of my:
About 5 Important Rules of Blog Design..., I totally agree with You..
On Jul 3, 10:19 pm, Vince <> wrote:
> I really wonder if there's any way to claim the footer to be yours.
> My blog is I already have modified

Vincent Olaer

Jul 5, 2010, 4:23:21 AM7/5/10
That's what I have been thinking. Tsk.... I wish I will learn how to create my own... will study more.
Ptr. Vince Olaer


Jul 6, 2010, 5:32:37 PM7/6/10
to Blogger Template Design Group
It is possible to "claim the footer" and it is not illegal, so long as
you don't take credit where credit is not due (ie, claim you made the

The way to do it is to completely remove the Attribution Widget (or
Gadget, if you prefer). But how? When you go into Design --> Page
Elements, the Attribution Widget is locked so you cannot remove it
like other page elements. Well, you can unlock it. You can unlock any
locked gadget.

To unlock the Attribution Gadget, go to Design --> Edit HTML, then
search for the <footer> portion of the code. Example from one of my

<div class='footer-outer'>
<div class='footer-cap-top cap-top'>
<div class='cap-left'/>
<div class='cap-right'/>
<div class='fauxborder-left footer-fauxborder-left'>
<div class='fauxborder-right footer-fauxborder-right'/>
<div class='region-inner footer-inner'>
<macro:include id='footer-sections' name='sections'>
<macro:param default='2' name='num'/>
<macro:param default='footer' name='idPrefix'/>
<macro:param default='foot' name='class'/>
<macro:param default='false' name='includeBottom'/>
<!-- outside of the include in order to lock Attribution widget
<b:section class='foot' id='footer-3' showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'/
<div class='footer-cap-bottom cap-bottom'>
<div class='cap-left'/>
<div class='cap-right'/>

Go to the portion that says " locked='true' " and change true to
false. Save the Template. Now go to Page Elements, click Edit on the
Attribution section and then hit remove.

Voila! The entire Attribution line is now gone! But that is only the
first step.

If you really want to claim the footer, you can now enter any text you
want in that <footer> section of the code. Of course, there is no easy
to use editor, so you will have to do it in the Edit HTML portion
using CSS/HTML coding.

Note... Although this is completely legal, there is value in allowing
the template creators to get their props, but the other responses
cover that aspect.

Lucas Starks

Jul 29, 2010, 9:42:53 PM7/29/10
to Blogger Template Design Group
What Harvie said is true. Awarded his post with 5 Stars.
For what I know once you customized the page the originality of the
template will become blur.
I agreed because you can actually edit the stuff to be removed or
However, if the template creator put an external css in order to limit
the blog owner from editing the footer, you won't have a choice but to
and replace the whole css thing with another css.

For blog users, footer with the template creators links are just a way
to thank them from using it for your blog for FREE.

Moritz Schroeder

Aug 3, 2010, 3:46:16 AM8/3/10
There is a easier way to "remove" the footer. Simply add these lines to the CSS. First start the new template designer, then click on "Advanced" and select the last option in the list: "add CSS".

Paste these lines into the text box of "add CSS"

.Attribution {

What I do to comply with the spirit of the original attribution content of the templates is that I add a text box gadget in "page elements" which displays a copyright claim and a link for attributions. In the attributions text I include the name of the template I chose with the original attribution text and the modifications I added.

Here is an example on

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