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Maribeth Bottorff

Oct 19, 2022, 4:24:20 PM10/19/22
to blo...@googlegroups.com
Hey Block builders,

I wanted to let you know about some changes we're making on GitHub. If you primarily use Blockly through importing our npm package, these don't affect you.

- We've changed the default branch on Github to develop, rather than master. We'll still have the master branch for now, but develop will be the first branch you'll see when visiting the repo, and it means opening pull requests and closing issues against develop is easier now.
- Soon, we will no longer check build products into the repository. If you currently get blockly_compressed and the other files by pulling them from GitHub yourself, you'll have to change up your workflow:
    - We recommend getting blockly from npm
    - You can download an archive of the compressed files from the Releases page on GitHub for the latest release, and we'll continue to upload these for future releases.
    - If you use npm but specify a git URL to download blockly, that should continue to work as npm will automatically run the build after install. The end result should be equivalent to the package uploaded to npm.
    - Note that the build products will be located in dist/ instead of at the root level. If you install blockly from npm, and then use a script tag pointing at node_modules, you'll want to ensure you're pointing at the correct location.

We'll announce in the release notes when the next release that contains this change in the build products is live.

Please let us know on the forum if you have any questions/concerns. Thanks!

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