Update on the Q2 Blockly release

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Maribeth Bottorff

Jul 1, 2022, 3:06:55 PM7/1/22
to blo...@googlegroups.com
Greetings block builders,

It is almost time for our Q2 release! However, that release is not quite fully baked yet. In the interest of ensuring a high quality release, we've decided to delay it until we are sure it is ready. We will announce here when it's ready, and we will also create a beta release to get your feedback before it is finalized.

For a sneak preview of what is included:

- The Blockly codebase will be converted to TypeScript, which means improved type information for those of you using TS, and improved intellisense for anyone using an IDE that uses type declarations
- We will still compile down to ES5 in the released package
- New API reference documentation

We have been building towards this change for a long time now and we are really excited for it to land and for the improvements to the developer experience (both ours and yours) it will bring. Thank you for your patience along the way!

Maribeth, on behalf of the Blockly team
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