Triggering Network Access on Big Sur

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David Pomicter

Sep 2, 2021, 2:38:50 PMSep 2
to Quicksilver
I have noticed on Big Sur that the only way to grant network permissions is to attempt to use the application that needs it and hope that a pop up appears to grant it.

Does anyone know how to forcefully setup quicksilver to have access to network locations? 

My Use Case:
I currently use quick silver key bindings to Run applescript that calls out to network drives. Since upgrading to Big Sur, these script return Apple Event Time Outs at the line where it is connecting to a network drive.

I was able to force the system security permissions on scrip editor and run the script there with success - which is leading me to believe its a permissions issue with Quicksilver and Big Sur.

Any help appreciated, thanks,
- DP

Rob McBroom

Sep 8, 2021, 7:20:32 AMSep 8
to Quicksilver

I’m not sure in that case if it’s Quicksilver that needs access, or the script. I use QS to access a network folder directly all the time and I don’t remember it asking, so that’s probably covered by giving QS Full Disk Access.

Can you add the script to different categories in the Security & Privacy prefs? If not, maybe if you save the script as an application, it will let you?

You could also try resetting all the prompts with tccutil reset AppleEvents in Terminal, but that will require you to re-approve a bunch of activity.

Rob McBroom

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