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Etienne Samson

May 15, 2013, 6:04:48 AM5/15/13
Le 14 mai 2013 à 22:35, Ari Goldman <> a écrit :

> Boy, howdy, would I love me some Reminders app action in Quicksilver!

One quick way to do it would be to use AppleScript (sorry, minimal experience so I can't help) but it would be too simple…

> "Reminder (tab) Pick up the groceries tomorrow at 4pm (enter)"

… to handle these kind of requests. The closer you could get would be by proxying through Fantastical (which has a "natural language parser") but isn't given. Or decide on a common syntax (like "Pick the groceries @tomorrow 4pm", where @ would denote "time coordinates" and say # would denote "space coordinates") but good luck handling localization (kudos to the Fantastical guys for that).

And actually, your example would be reversed : [text-entry-mode] "Go do this @4PM" [tab] Create reminder, but I'm nitpicking ;-).

Etienne Samson

Rob McBroom

May 15, 2013, 8:49:40 AM5/15/13
On May 14, 2013, at 4:35 PM, Ari Goldman <> wrote:

> Boy, howdy, would I love me some Reminders app action in Quicksilver!

Two things about that video:

1. There’s no difference between R and ⇧R when choosing an action. Just use R.
2. You should be able to do the reverse as well (Reminder.scpt ⇥ Process Text… ⇥ Do Something at 9am) by putting another copy of the script somewhere Quicksilver checks like `~/Library/Scripts/`, or by telling QS to index `~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/`. I haven’t tested that.

Rob McBroom


Jun 2, 2013, 5:15:46 PM6/2/13
I created a simple applescript to do that, although it can't handle natural language.

To enter the reminder, type your task details like this: Name:Priority Time Date List Notes

Everything is optional, including the name. The priority needs to be in the form of exclamation marks (!). You cannot set a reminder to repeat, because there is no way to that with applescript (unless you created a very complicated one to go through reminders files and change the details of the reminder,

The only problem with this is that when you are in a fullscreen app, it will flick to the first desktop.

The script is attached to this post. Put it into your "Actions" folder in Quicksilver's Application Support folder.

On Wednesday, 15 May 2013 06:35:21 UTC+10, Ari Goldman wrote:
Boy, howdy, would I love me some Reminders app action in Quicksilver!  

Maybe it can't happen, because (while I can invoke Siri on my iPhone to walk through the creation of a time-dependant Reminder) there is no common language Reminder invocation ability in MacOSX, but it would be so great if I could just tell Quicksilver, 

"Reminder (tab) Pick up the groceries tomorrow at 4pm (enter)"

...and the Reminder would be automatically created.

Amirite?  Who wouldn't love that?

Create Reminder.scpt

May 17, 2021, 7:53:58 AMMay 17
to Quicksilver
14 May 2021 11:51 PST

These days, type period (.) in first field, enter reminder details, and then typer "reminder" in second field. 
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