'Exclude types' is not per source?

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Peter Frings

Apr 30, 2021, 6:32:21 AMApr 30
to Quicksilver
I have a few custom 'Sources' in the catalog. In some sources I need to exclude some types of files and in other sources I need to exclude other types (and they might need to include types that are excluded in the other source). E..g, in the folders where the LaTeX files live, I don't want to see .xml files (byproduct of the make process), but I want to see .XML files in other folders.

However, it seems that the 'Exclude types' lists is common to all sources? If I add an exclusion in one source, it also appears in all other sources.

The UI suggests that you can have exclusions per source, just like you can have a depth per source.

So whatever it is, there an issue here. Or the UI is not OK, or there's a bug in the per-source exclusions...


Rob McBroom

May 3, 2021, 9:05:15 AMMay 3
to Quicksilver

It’s definitely supposed to be a per-entry setting. If I look in the Catalog.plist, everything appears to be correct. The same is true for what actually gets included (which you can see in the Contents tab).

So it appears to be a bug in how the UI displays the types.

Rob McBroom

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