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Jun 3, 2005, 9:04:32 PM6/3/05
Eastern part is situated at in the coastal science and technology
strategic place Shenzhen urban district, the company organizes from
1996 until now, the strength unceasingly expanded, the company take
the Shenzhen headquarters as a backing, in places such as Beijing,
Shanghai, Chongqing founded many subsidiary companies. The staff
population develops the nearly 200 people. The company mainly is
engaged in the VOD broadcast system, the sound video frequency
broadcast equipment, the cable TV network management system, the
computer application software system development, wide frequency
plot/building, computer network system integration, automated control,
intelligent building system and other precise and advanced electronic
products research and application high tech entity
In the VOD broadcast system aspect, the our company had 6 years
development and the sales experience, successively developed the
network version, the single plane version, the single plane compressed
the version and the correlation receives the silver system, and
through the year to year careful reorganization, made sets of more
than 30,000 first programs song storehouses, for several years, the
company accumulated the rich experience, accomplished from to develop
to sales as well as the project implementation specialized troop, is
present domestic several manages one of VOD system big companies
In the television domain, we through the computer technology and the
television technology fusion, have promoted the advanced cable TV
network management system, provides the wide band synthesis service
numeral network channel, realizes the computer equipment to interlock,
the realization service information exchange and sharing, the
bidirectional video on demand realization can be simpler
In the sound video frequency media broadcast profession, we promoted
BoBa the HD/DVD advertisement to send a loom, series product and so on
the HD-998 hard disk broadcast machine. Its technical leading degree
achieves the international advanced level.
In the computer application aspect, the company has many outstanding
management software. The company host camp product includes: The
office automation OA system, the running water management system
management system, the hotel management system management system, the
dining entertainment management system management system, the
enterprise enters sells saves the management system management system
and so on.
The advanced technical source to the abundant technical strength, is
equipped with the new technical research and development base in
Chongqing and Shenzhen, widely buys in each place outstanding talented
The company had been established since 1996, in the enterprise scale,
the product type, the technical water equality various aspects all had
the considerable development.
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