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Chris Gunn

Jun 15, 2011, 1:55:53 AM6/15/11
Tuesday, April 2nd, 1996

There are a number of companies on the Net that are claiming they can help
you make big bucks advertising in cyberspace.

At first it may sound like a great opportunity. There are a lot of people
out there and tons of newsgroups. Take a closer look. People get very
angry when they get unsolicited E-Mail or when there are commercial
postings in their favorite newsgroups - postings that are frequently
completely off topic. If you send such mail, or place such postings, you
are likely to find you mail box filled with electronic hate mail.

Let's face it, if you subscribed to a newsgroup to discuss heraldry, would
you want to read posts on MLM's? Besides, because of the ease with which a
Web page can be created and/or postings placed in newsgroups, companies
don't need to hire large numbers of individuals to advertise for them.
They can do such advertising themselves. In addition, there are already
several large advertising firms that have Internet departments and there
are a few good books on the topic.

With these problems, and all that competition you'll be lucky to make any
money selling advertising space on the Internet and/or placing ads on the
Internet. What you will wind up doing is spending a large amount of money
for a start-up kit to nowhere.

Log on the WebSite at, or call 1-800-876-7060.
If you spot obviously illegal operations on the E-Ways, please
forward copies of the messages to NFIC at
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