Toxic Free Laundry? Nope!

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Chris Gunn

May 29, 2011, 1:37:54 AM5/29/11
> Now you too can Say Goodbye to Toxic Laundry Detergent, Forever !

Howdy Folks,

This scam is something like the guaranteed bug killer that consisted of two
blocks of wood. The advertising for these non-toxic laundry aids include
some of the most blatantly fraudulent product representation I've ever run

Studies by independent chemists indicate the laundry disks, rings, and balls
do not do anything more than plain water does. Magnets and gem stones do
not have any effect on plain water and you sure can't kill bacteria with
them. Any claims they clean better than detergents is fraudulent. The
enzymes sold in conjunction with many of these will help clean clothes but
they are available at the grocery store for less.

These laundry disks will not remove stains, odors, or harmful bacteria and
you can't tell the difference between putting your clothes in the washing
machine without soap and using the disks. If you'd like to see a colorful
and amusing web page on these, please try:

The idea of copper components gives me the chills. Copper oxides will kill
some bacteria but if particles are left in the clothes, it can also be
absorbed into the skin. If the version you are trying to sell includes any
form of copper and you've been using them for an extended period, please
have your doctor test for possible copper poisoning. It's very difficult to
diagnose and does some nasty things to the body.

Everything I've seen so far indicates this is a prosecutable scam. Why the
FTC hasn't moved on these yet is beyond me. If you see these advertised
anywhere on UseNet or InterNet, please forward copies to the folks at the
foot. Please keep an eye on biz.stolen for articles when the courts start
dealing with this.

Thanks, Chris
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