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Chris Gunn

Jun 7, 2011, 12:20:05 AM6/7/11

What To Watch For Anytime you get a call asking you to make a contribution
on behalf of a public agency, such as local or state police, fire, or
emergency rescue workers, ask the caller to send you written information.
Many of the calls are bogus. The money goes to the telemarketers who make
the calls. It's relatively easy to support your local police, fire, or
emergency rescue agencies which protect you.

Make direct contributions. It will be doubly appreciated - all of the
funds will go toward the direct support of the agency. Hang up on any
caller who wants to come around to collect the money. It's like hanging
your wallet out to be fleeced. For more information, contact any of the
state Attorneys General offices identified on our web site. They are glad
to help. To report scams involving charities, call our toll free 800
number or leave us a message.

Log on the WebSite at, or call 1-800-876-7060.
If you spot obviously illegal operations on the E-Ways, please
forward copies of the messages to NFIC at
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