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Chris Gunn

Jun 15, 2011, 7:30:00 PM6/15/11
Discussion of Fraud and Theft Issues

Frequently Asked Questions
Charter: biz.stolen provides a moderated newsgroup for general dialogue
of, or related to, tracing stolen goods, theft protection, and
fraudulent or unethical business practices. Commercial ads
are prohibited. It is the moderator's sole unquestioned
responsibility and authority to ensure that articles adhere to
the charter.

Q. Is advertising allowed on biz.stolen?

A. Advertising is NOT allowed. Any advertising should be posted in the
biz.marketplace.* groups which are not designated for discussion and in
the "ads" hierarchy. An occasional `press release' style article on
theft protection devices or services might be appropriate.

Anything that sounds remotely like it may be a Chain Letter, Ponzi, or
other unethical business practice may be cancelled and may be
forwarded to NFIC for investigation.

Although some groups may be for advertising, the best way to get a
reader's attention is through a good discussion thread. Very few will
buy a magazine just to read advertising. It's the interesting articles
that get pages turned and TV channels tuned.

Q. Can I expose a company I feel ripped me off?

biz.stolen is not a forum to complain about specific companies or
individuals unless there is court documentation involved. The intent is
preventative in providing advice on the legal issues involved and
guidance to the appropriate channels for redress.

Q. What happens if I ignore the rules and post advertising to biz.stolen?

A. The biz.stolen newsgroup is moderated by Fred Coles and Christopher G.
Gunn. The USENET News mechanism at both the user interface and
level does not permit posting or propagation of an article without the
moderators approval. Instead, it E-Mails them to the moderator's
for approval and posting.

Q. How do I submit a post to biz.stolen?

A. E-Mail your intended (on-charter) posting to the moderators at:
- or -
Simply post it to the newsgroup. If your news software is properly
configured, your posting will be automatically E-Mailed to the
moderators. If not, it will of course eventually land in the USENET
black hole and disappear. If you're not sure your news software is
properly configured, contact your local administrator and ask him to
request a copy of the current biz hierarchy checkgroups cmsg from the
hierarchy authority and administrator <ed...@xenitec.on.ca>.

Information on posting to moderated newsgroups is periodically posted to
news.lists, news.groups, news.answers, entitled: "List of Moderators
Usenet". The rtfm.mit archive name is: "moderator-list/part1".

Q. Is there any specific format which messages should follow?

A. Articles on all of the biz newsgroups should reflect a professional and
business like attitude and be limited to plain text and the upper 128
ASCII characters. Messages that contain HTML or MIME encoding are not
appropriate. Set your margins for a maximum of 80 characters per line
everyone can easily read your posting.

Q. Do all messages have to be in English?

A. Although most of the messages you see on the biz groups are in English,
it's not a requirement. Messages in other languages are welcome as well
as using the entire IBM ASCII character set so you can spell your name
properly. Posting in your language, with a translation in English, will
give you the widest audience.

Q. What if I want to avoid the E-Mail spammers?

A. Messages are expected to come from legitimate addresses. Attempts to
avoid E-Mail responses and anonymous messages may be cancelled. We
realize it's nice to avoid getting on E-Mail lists but it also makes the
moderator's job harder. More important, it's like trying to do business
with an unlisted phone number. We also encourage the use of real names
in From: lines rather than funny handles or trying use it as

Q. Is it okay to discuses MLM opportunities?

A. Multi-Level Marketing may become a discussion item if it is regarding an
MLM organization that is under investigation or being prosecuted in the
courts. Otherwise, Multi-Level Marketing advertising belongs only on
newsgroups which are chartered specifically for MLM purposes.

Q. How can I advertise without getting into trouble?

A. Some newsgroups do accept advertising. Don't go by the messages you see
there. Check the charters to ensure they do and what you wish to
fits within the topic area before posting. For the "biz" hierarchy in
general, please refer to the biz meta-FAQ posted on biz.config
periodically by Ed Hew, the biz Newsgroup Authority.

Please feel free to ask for additional details. The BIZynet network
<http://www.bizynet.com> offers a variety of services for advertising
and conducting business via the E-Ways (Electronic Highways).

Drop by http://www.bizynet.com/faq-news.htm to access all of the biz
newsgroups FAQ's. Click the [Return to Index] button to find even
more information on how to get the most from the newsgroups. Our
@bizynet.com domain is a respected E-Mail address for business folks
for many reasons.

We hope you find the biz groups both enjoyable and profitable,

Chris Gunn

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