Innocent Sounding but Lethal Scams

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Chris Gunn

Jun 14, 2011, 12:14:24 AM6/14/11
Howdy Folks,

Every now and then I run across what sounds like a simple scam that
amounts to putting poison in products at the grocery store. Lethal
scams using similar tricks to this one are not uncommon. The following
is from such an article being posted on some of the newsgroups:

> What can you do to protect yourself from food poisoning? Use our
> Polarizers. These are pipes of rock-crystal glass. Simple devices,
> easy to use, functional, effective, unobtrusive. No more, no less.
> Just dip one in your food on the plate for a couple of minutes;
> that´s it.

Anyone who has taken High School chemistry or biology should know you
cannot remove what causes food poisoning without destroying the edibility
of the poisoned food at the same time. Just establishing food is toxic
requires a chemistry lab.

Claiming it can be done with "rock-crystal glass" or some magic wand could
result in dozens of people hospitalized or dead because they didn't know
they were being scammed.

PLEASE understand, if miracle products you see advertised on the Internet
are not sold in your local stores, there are VERY good reasons.

Drop by You'll find links from there
to just about any government agency, many authorative sources, and dozens
of articles to help you stay out of trouble.

Thanks, Chris <>
BIZynet Coordinator <>
Co-Moderator of biz.general, biz.marketplace.discussion, biz.stolen,, & others

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