PC-SUPER-MLM - Fraud Exosed!

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Chris Gunn

May 26, 2011, 1:00:27 AM5/26/11
> Is the PC-SUPER-MLM program scamming?? I do not believe it is that type
> of program. Have you looked at it?

Howdy Folks,

I've looked at then closely. PC-SUPER-MLM and the other PC-SUPER's and
MEGANET$ are modeled after the early attempts by chain letter scammers to
avoid prosecution by the Post Master General's office by offering easy to
reproduce reports. Instead of only asking to send $5.00 to everyone in the
list, they mail back a handful of xeroxed pages as a product. Any attorney
should be able to fetch up the court results that ruled the xeroxed pages
did not represent a "significant" product and it boiled down to a chain
letter scam.

The computerized versions provide even easier to replicate "reports" that
are actually slightly reworked copies of what you can download from the SBA
BBS and many other places for free. With your terminal program you can log
on at 1-800-697-4636 and download for free much more than what's in these

If you do some browsing around on NFIC's web pages, you'll find articles on
chain letter and pyramid scams. Many of their press releases are also
posted here on biz.stolen. We'll post the court results as the authors of
these programs and those participating are made accountable.

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