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Feb 26, 1993, 11:24:14 AM2/26/93

SANTA CRUZ, CA (February-25, 1993) -- The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc
(SCO) today announced the acquisition of IXI Limited, the leading supplier of
desktop windowing software for UNIX. With the IXI acquisition, SCO gains
leadership in providing a common, easy-to-use desktop that lets users fully
exploit the power of UNIX in today's networked, multi-vendor corporate
computing environments.

SCO leads the industry with an estimated 70 percent share in the global
Intel-based open software market. IXI leads the rapid growth of the desktop
market for UNIX with more than 50 percent market share; in 1992, IXI's
installed base doubled to more than 250,000 users. This installed customer
base includes major telecommunications companies, automotive manufacturers,
oil companies, national and international banks, and various government
agencies around the world.

IXI products are available pre-installed by Bull, Digital, IBM, ICL, NEC, NCR,
Unisys, and more than a dozen other worldwide manufacturers of UNIX
workstations and software. In addition, IXI ships products directly to users of
Sun and HP workstations.

``SCO, IXI, and their respective customers and partners will experience
tremendous benefits from the integration of the two companies, '' said Lars
Turndal, president and chief executive officer of SCO. ``SCO now owns
valuable technology that gives our customers a common, easy-to-use interface
on a variety of systems. With SCO Open Desktop and IXI's X.desktop, our
customers can freely mix and match Intel-based and RISC-based UNIX
desktops without incurring additional training costs.

``By joining forces with SCO, IXI benefits by having access to greater resources
to accelerate new product development and enhance product sales.''

Mr. Turndal continued, ``SCO and IXI are an excellent match. Both companies
target the same corporate and government markets. And both organizations
believe in giving customers the power to integrate technologies and products
from different vendors to create highly effective and competitive information

Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of IXI, said, ``Aligning with SCO will
enable us to expand the user-oriented vision that is the foundation of IXI's
success. X.desktop has become the UNIX desktop leader because it is based on
the widely accepted OSF/Motif TM windowing system and is available on a wide
variety of systems from different suppliers. The strong acceptance of X.desktop
matches the market's acceptance of SCO Open Desktop on Intel-based

The acquisition will be effected by an exchange of IXI shares for newly issued
SCO shares. Mr. Anderson will continue as head of IXI and also serve as a
vice president of SCO and will report directly to Mr. Turndal.

SCO's acquisition of IXI enables SCO partners to unify their desktop offerings
by working with a single vendor. Dennis Roberson, vice president of software
development at Digital Equipment Corporation, said, ``SCO's acquisition of IXI
helps to unify the UNIX industry around a single open desktop standard. The
Digital-SCO relationship now encompasses the common desktop on all of
Digital's workstation-class systems. X.desktop is Digital's standard Motif
desktop manager on SCO Open Desktop for our Intel platforms, and on
OSF/1 , ULTRIX, and Open VMS, including our new Alpha platforms.''

SCO is an international leader in the computer software industry with annual
revenues in excess of $160 million. Founded in 1979, SCO is headquartered in
Santa Cruz, California, with offices throughout the United States, and in
London, Paris, Toronto, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Mexico City, Milan, Singapore,
Sydney, and Tokyo. The company employs approximately 1,100 people worldwide.

Founded in 1987, IXI is a multinational company with revenues in 1992 in
excess of $6 million. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, England and
has offices in San Ramon, California and Tokyo. IXI employs approximately 50

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the U.S.A. and other countries. All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to
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