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Chris Gunn

Jan 8, 2010, 1:36:11 AM1/8/10
Real Estate Investment Forum

Charter: biz.marketplace.real-estate provides a forum for discussion of
topics pertinent to marketing business property or real estate
which would be considered high value investments. Some real
estate offers and requirements are allowed but primarily those
which will promote discussions. Single residential units would
not normally be considered a high value investment. It is the
moderators sole responsibility and unquestioned authority to
ensure that articles adhere to the charter.

Q. Is advertising for products allowed on biz.marketplace.real-estate?

A. Some advertising is allowed within the topic area of the charter and
no more than once every ten days. More than that messes up everyone's
chances to keep readers coming back to read more. Off topic and off
color advertising does the same thing. If you step on other business
folk's toes, you can expect to hear about it.

Anything that sounds remotely like it may be a Chain Letter, Ponzi, or
other unethical business practice may be selectively forwarded to NFIC
for investigation. If your message qualifies for,
it doesn't belong on the biz groups.

Although some groups are chartered for advertising, the best way to
get a reader's attention is through a good discussion thread. Very
few will buy a magazine just to read advertising. It's the
interesting articles and new product bargains that get pages turned
and TV channels tuned.

Q. If my messages are rejected, how will I know why?

A. Whenever possible, the moderators will respond to rejected messages
explaining the problem. If you use a fake or bogus address, obviously
the moderators can't reach you. Depending on the timing, you may not
see your post until the next day.

Q. Is there any specific format which messages should follow?

A. Articles should reflect a professional and business like attitude and be
limited to plain text and the upper 128 characters. Messages that
HTML or MIME encoding waste space. Set your margins for a maximum of 80
characters per line so everyone can easily read your posting.

Photographs and maps are an obvious marketing aid for real estate, but
you'll need to arrange to provide them on a web page or in response to
E-Mail requests.

Q. Do all messages have to be in English?

A. Although most of the messages you see on the biz groups are in English,
it's not a requirement. Messages in other languages are welcome as
well as using the entire character set so you can spell your name
properly. Posting in your language, with a translation in English,
will give you the widest audience.

Q. What's the best way to present my business on the newsgroups?

A. Folks with whom you'd like to be doing business with will make their
decisions based on their impression of your messages. During a
discussion, you may read messages from someone who has an opinion
totally different from yours. Feel free to discuss the difference of
opinion but try to avoid getting hurt feelings involved. You will be
asked to use E-Mail if messages are personal attacks or the language
belongs elsewhere.

Messages are expected to come from legitimate addresses. Attempts to
avoid E-Mail responses and anonymous messages are not a good business
practice. We also encourage the use of real names in From lines rather
than funny handles or trying to use it as advertising.

Q. Is it okay to advertise MLM opportunities?

A. Because of the tendency for MLM'rs to over saturate, make exaggerated
earning claims, and drive off newsgroup readers, Multi-Level Marketing
ads are discouraged and belong only on newsgroups which are chartered
specifically for MLM purposes. They would definitely be off-topic for

Q. How can I advertise without getting into trouble?

A. Some biz newsgroups do accept advertising. Don't go by the messages
you see. Check the charters to be sure and what you wish to promote
fits within the topic area before posting. For the "biz" hierarchy in
general, please refer to the biz meta-FAQ posted on biz.config
periodically by Ed Hew, the biz Newsgroup Authority. All of the biz
FAQ's are available from along
with many other articles to help your marketing efforts.

Please feel free to ask for additional details. The BIZynet network
( offers a variety of services for advertising
and conducting business via the E-Ways (Electronic Highways). One of
those will be a real estate data base where you may also make pictures
available. Our domain is a respected E-Mail address for
business folks for many reasons.

We hope you find biz groups both enjoyable and profitable,

Chris Gunn
<> and

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