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Jul 1, 1994, 11:58:33 AM7/1/94
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MAYNARD, Mass. -- June 29, 1994 -- Digital Equipment Corporation
and MENTEC, Inc. announced today, effective immediately, an
agreement through which Mentec will assume full responsibility for
the development and maintenance of the PDP-11 Software Product
Suite. Also under the agreement, Digital will act as a Mentec
distributor. Digital will sell and distribute the PDP-11 software
products under the current names and order numbers and will
continue as the service provider. Existing service contracts will
remain unaffected.

Included in this agreement are the following sets of PDP-11

PDP-11 Operating Systems: RSX-11M; Micro/RSX; RSX-11M-PLUS;
RT-11; RSX-11S; RSTS/E.

PDP-11 Layered Products: PDP-11 BASIC-PLUS-2 for RSTS/E;
PDP-11 BASIC-PLUS-2 for RSX-11M & M-PLUS; Micro/RSX PDP-11C;
PDP-11 C for RSTS/E; PDP-11 FORTRAN-77 RSX; Micro/RSX
FORTRAN-77; DATATRIEVE-11; FMS-11/RSX; PDP-11 Sort/Merge;
Micro/RSX Symbolic Debugger; PDP-11 C for RSX-11M & M-PLUS;
VAX-11 RSX; PDP-11 C for RT-11; PDP-11 FORTRAN-77/RT-11;
PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger/RSX.

PDP-11 Networking Products: DECnet-11M+; DECnet/E;
DECnet-Micro/RSX; DECnet-11S; DECnet-11M.

The agreement was designed to ensure security and continuity
for Digital customers. Mentec, an active member of the PDP-11
system community, and involved with Digital in partnering ventures
for the last fifteen years, is committed to addressing the evolving
needs of Digital's PDP-11 software customers.

"We're enthusiastic about this venture which is highly
complimentary to Mentec's product portfolio," said Wyn Gill,
executive Vice President, Mentec, Inc. "Our extensive PDP-11
experience, both in software and hardware, particularly as a
Digital PDP-11 Master Reseller in the United Kingdom, positions us
well to respond ambitiously to PDP-11 software customer needs today
and well into the future."

"PDP-11 customers are important to Digital, and we were very
selective in choosing an organization to deliver the ongoing
development and maintenance of the PDP-11 Software Product Suite,"
said William F. Armitage, Vice President of the Technical OEM Group
at Digital Equipment Corporation. "Mentec has the skills and
commitment required to provide the level of quality that PDP-11
customers expect. This arrangement with Mentec underscores
Digital's continuing support of PDP-11 customers."

Mentec, Inc, based at 55 Technology Drive, Lowell, MA 01851,
Telephone (508) 970-3600, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mentec
Limited, whose headquarters are in Dublin Ireland. Mentec, Ltd.
employs 200 people worldwide with offices in Dublin, Ireland, the
the United Kingdom and Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The Mentec Group creates world class products and business
solutions. It integrated new ideas with state-of-the-art
technologies. Mentec has taken the many strands of computing and
communications technologies and woven them into products which
provide solutions to global business problems.

Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open
client/server solutions from personal computing to integrated
worldwide information systems. Digital's Alpha AXP platforms,
storage, networking, software and services, together with
industry-focused solutions from business partners, help
organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.

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DECnet, DECnet/E, Digital, the Digital logo and
Alpha AXP are trademarks of Digital Equipment

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