Ralph Nader 2000

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Christopher Bond

Aug 5, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/5/00
5 Aug 2000 23:03:12 GMT

It's hard for me to believe that the next president of the United
States will be George W. Bush or Al Gore. Both remind me of
Hollywood movies that have been focus-grouped to death: they
push all the appropriate buttons, but have zero original vision.
Both stand for the same thing: corporate-driven business as usual.

There must be some way outta here.

Ralph Nader is no joker or thief. I think he and the Greens could
give Al & George a good run for their money. At 65, Nader isn't
running as fast as he used to, and the Green Party doesn't exactly
have its platform figured out, but I think they have what it takes to
inject a dose of radical democracy into the race. Unlike the two
Tweedles, Nader is real, he stands for decency and common
sense and he still commands a lot of respect in progressive and
activist circles. And hidden behind the rainbow coalition of lefties,
eco-feminists and crazies, the Green Party does have some great
ideas. It's the only party that stands for the Tobin Tax, true cost
markets, media reform and putting corporations in their place.

In October, with a fired-up Nader hurling intelligent sound bites
into the presidential debates, the whole game show might actually be
worth watching. The alternative is the most sophomoric
presidential race in American history . . . and the lowest voter
turnout ever.

I'm putting a GO GREEN - VOTE NADER graphic at the end of all
my emails from now on. I'm betting that, between now and November,
the American people will wake up to the fact that their sacred
democratic experiment has now degenerated into a choice between a
corporate-sponsored Republican and a corporate-sponsored Democrat.

In these heady post-WTO days, a sudden, massive protest vote
against Al & George is entirely possible and Nader would be the
most apparent heir. With perhaps less than 25 percent of the
people voting, an inspired Nader campaign could grab a surprising
share of the action. And even if he does not come close to
winning, at least imagine how his campaign might pull together
some of the fired-up, post-WTO forces and lay the groundwork for
something really visionary in 2004.

Download the graphics and help launch an email pyramid scheme
to dump the Tweedles! Two formats are available, a magazine
sticker (17K) or a Banner ad (5K):

Sticker ... http://adbusters.org/magazine/30/nader/tweedles.jpg
Banner .... http://adbusters.org/magazine/30/nader/Tweedles.gif

Your elected representative,

Christopher Bond <kit_...@bond.senate.gov>

Go Green Vote Nader ... http://www.greens.org/
Vote Nader Go Green ... http://www.votenader.org/
Nader Email Pyramids ... http://adbusters.org/magazine/30/nader

Donate to The Greens ... http://www.greenparty.org/donate.html
The Green Candidates ... http://www.greenparty.org/candidates.html

Greens USA Platform .... http://www.greenparty.org/Platform061100.html

Is Cameron Greenish? ... http://petra.greens.org/~cls/homepage.shtml


What it Means to be Green

"At the root of all Green political action is nonviolence, starting
with how we live our lives, taking small, unilateral steps toward
peace in everything we do. Green politics requires us to be both
tender and subversive. Affirming tenderness as a political value is
already subversive. In Green politics, we practice tenderness in
relations with others; in caring for ideas, art, language, and
culture; and in cherishing and protecting the Earth. To think Green
is to build solidarity with those working for social justice and human
rights everywhere, not bound by ideologies."

-Petra Kelly


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