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Chris Gunn

May 17, 2010, 12:32:24 PM5/17/10
Business Related Political Discussions
Frequently Asked Questions
Charter: biz.caucus provides a moderated forum for topics pertinent to
global political affairs as they effect economies and business
enterprises, including but not limited to discussions with and
about candidates for office, pending legislation, enforcement
policies, and educating the work force. It is the moderators
sole responsibility and unquestioned authority to ensure that
articles adhere to the charter.

For those of you who consider yourself to be politically business oriented
and/or pro-capitalism (as opposed to pro-socialism), and would enjoy an
honest discussion with other business folks (without a lot of "noise" from
the anti-business side), we invite you to join the biz.caucus newsgroup.

First and foremost, it is true that folk's political views will often
differ on single issues. Please don't expect everyone to agree with you
on everything. The idea is to discuss the issues without letting our
emotions override what we have to say. We will cover a lot of ground and
plenty of disagreements, but it's always handled at the discussion level.

Please reserve your feelings on abortion, pornography, guns, drugs,
religion, and similar topics for newsgroups in the other hierarchies.
We'll allow some overlap, if it helps employers and employees understand
each other better and work closer together.

Q. Is advertising for products allowed on biz.caucus?

A. Some candidate advertising is allowed within the topic area of the
charter but no more than once every ten days. More than that messes
up everyone's chances to keep readers coming back to read more.

Q. If my messages are rejected, how will I know why?

A. Whenever possible, the moderators will respond to rejected messages
explaining the problem. If you use a fake or bogus address, obviously
the moderators can't reach or help you.

Q. Is there any specific format which messages should follow?

A. Articles should reflect a professional and business like attitude and
be limited to plain text and the upper 128 characters. Messages that
contain HTML or MIME encoding waste space. Set your margins for a
maximum of 76 characters per line so everyone can easily read your
posts. Also leave the pictures on your web pages. The anti-binary
robots will just cancel and remove them.

Q. Can I avoid the spammers with an anonymous address?

A. Messages are expected to come from legitimate addresses. Attempts to
avoid E-Mail responses and anonymous messages are not a good business
practice and your political position holds less weight if you won't use
your own name. We also encourage the use of real names in From lines
rather than funny handles or trying use it as advertising.

Q. How can I advertise without getting into trouble?

A. Some newsgroups do accept advertising. Don't go by the messages you
see. Check the charters to be sure and what you wish to promote fits
within the topic area before posting. For the "biz" hierarchy in
general, please refer to the biz meta-FAQ posted on biz.config
periodically by Ed Hew, the biz Newsgroup Authority. All of the biz
FAQ's are available from http://www.bizynet.com/faq-news.htm.

We hope you find the biz newsgroups both enjoyable and profitable,

Chris Gunn

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