A nano framework to enable a sequential style of GUI programming

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Thomas Elam

Jul 6, 2020, 4:00:28 AM7/6/20
to BiwaScheme
BiwaScheme is fantastic. A huge thank you to Yutaka HARA for it and to all the other developers who helped develop BiwaScheme.

I hired Russian programmer Alexander Sukhoverkhov (naryl....@gmail.com) to create some Scheme macros and functions to allow me to write web applications that appear to wait for I/O. These web applications run in the web browser. Here is the simplest example:

(load "mini-framework.scm") (define (test) (with-handlers ((click-handler "#div1") (click-handler "#div2") (keydown-handler "#button1") (keydown-handler "#button2") (timeout-handler test-timeout 10000)) (display (get-input)) (display (get-input)) (display (get-input)) (display (get-input)) (display (get-input))) (display "Test finished."))

The web page https://doc.mashweb.club/experiments/seq_webapp_biwascheme/ explains more and shows how to run a calculator application for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division written in 82 lines of Scheme.

I am attempting to show the utility of programming web applications in a sequential style to simplify the programming of a GUI:
Background to my larger project, for which BiwaScheme is the lynchpin is given in these two web pages:
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