[ANN] BiwaScheme v0.7.0

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Mar 26, 2020, 9:00:30 AM3/26/20
to BiwaScheme

I've released BiwaScheme 0.7.0.

See the changelog for the list of bug fixes and new features.

Announce 1: Drop support of IE

BiwaScheme has been written in classic style JavaScript. However,
I'm considering using newer JS syntaxes (like arrow functions, etc.)
starting from 0.7.0.

0.7.x will work on most of the modern web browsers, but may not work
on old browsers like InternetExplorer. See here if you need to run 0.7.x on them.

Announce 2: New script style

Currently BiwaScheme has two ways to run Scheme program.

Old style:
<script src="biwascheme.js">
(display "Hello")
New style:
<script src="biwascheme.js"></script>
<script type="text/biwascheme">
(display "Hello")
The old style is deprecated because it is somewhat tricky. It is still supported but may be removed in a future version.
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