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Jun 6, 2022, 3:30:25 PMJun 6
to BitCurator Users
Good afternoon all,

Does anyone have experience with exporting emails from a Gmail business account? One of our special collections archivists recently acquired a Gmail account for which she now has the credentials to go in and archive the emails. It is a Google business account, and the admin account that would have had super user privileges for the account (and presumably the rights to export it) is long gone. It appears that she can't go in and use Takeout to export the account as an mbox, as one would be able to with a personal account - the option is not showing up. She hasn't been able to find any way to export the emails other than doing them individually. Does anyone have any ideas or workarounds My only experience is with my personal Gmail so I'm casting a wide net. Thank you!

Jamie Patrick-Burns

Matthew Farrell

Jun 6, 2022, 5:00:27 PMJun 6
to bitcurat...@googlegroups.com
Hey Jamie -

I've used ePADD for this in the past, though I think Google tightened their security around third party apps that could connect to Gmail without multi-factor authentication in May 2022, so this may no longer be an option. We have a donor who uses their college's alumni email system, which is a Google account without Takeout privileges as well.


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Sarah Barsness

Jun 7, 2022, 9:04:36 AMJun 7
to bitcurat...@googlegroups.com
Hi Jamie,

This tip is REALLY not helpful if there are more than about 1000 emails, so only proceed if the account is small or you can do some pretty heavy selection/weeding.

That said, our institution uses Google, and my options were similarly limited before we got admin access to Google Vault.  Back then I had some luck using add-ons to Google Sheets.  There's a couple out there that will automatically bulk-convert emails to PDFs -- the one I used in the past let you specify one or more labels to target, and it would run every hour or so (converting about 10 email threads each time it ran for the free version).  It created 1 PDF per email thread and parked it in Google Drive, downloaded any attachments to that same folder, and created an inventory spreadsheet with some basic envelope information and links to the PDFs for each thread.  It is clunky and you're going to lose some of the envelope information, but if all else fails you'll at least get the email text and attachments out.

If you're handy with Google Script, there are some templates out there to build your own as well, though Script may be locked down by the organizational settings.

Good luck!
Sarah Barsness


Jun 10, 2022, 1:23:23 PMJun 10
to BitCurator Users
Thank you both for your suggestions - I will look into these!


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