BitCurator Users

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Welcome to the BitCurator users mailing list! This list serves the BitCurator Consortium community and all users of BitCurator tools. This is the place to post questions, discuss issues, and connect with other members of the community.

Posts to the list are public, but only members may create or reply to posts. List membership requests are usually reviewed and approved by a BitCurator Consortium manager within 24 hours.

Useful links:

BitCurator Releases: Download the Virtual Appliance, install from our latest release, and read our Quickstart guide.
Overview of BitCurator Projects on GitHub: High-level description of our projects and the organization of our repositories.

A Confluence Wiki hosted by Educopia includes community-maintained documentation and workflow guidance for some releases. This documentation may lag behind official releases.

Older information about the original Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded BitCurator projects (BitCurator, BitCurator Access, and BitCurator NLP) can be found on the BitCurator blog hosted at UNC. This site is no longer actively maintained.

Ongoing support for the BitCurator community is made possible by members of the BitCurator Consortium. Visit the Consortium page to learn how your institution can join the membership.