Green Shafts of Light

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Jun 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/24/98

This talk about green skies again has me thinking about a viscious storm
that hit Detroit/Windsor near 8:30am on July 16, 1980. The storm produced
a major downburst with winds to 150 mph that caused widespread, locally
severe damage. From my vantage point, the storm approached from the west
while the sun was shining in the east. Before the winds really started to
pick up, a deck of cumuliform cloud rolled in. Numerous green shafts of
light could be seen. I believe these were not hail shafts but beams of
sunlight between individual cumulus clouds. However, they were
greenish in colour. There was a strong, sustained wind after that
accompanied by rain but I don't remember any hail. I later found out that
an F2 tornado had passed several km to the south. Just another data

Dave Sills
Centre for Earth and Space Science
York University
Toronto, Ontario

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