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Doris Smith

Apr 30, 1993, 6:00:11 PM4/30/93
Steve's quote of the letter from Ron Paul omitted:

Ron Paul had an OB/GYN practice in Lake Jackson, TX before he went into
"government" work. He was my sister's OB, and delivered my niece.

doris smith (dori...@tenet.edu)

Dan Lester

May 1, 1993, 12:29:57 AM5/1/93
On Fri, 30 Apr 1993 17:00:11 -0500 Doris Smith said:
>Ron Paul had an OB/GYN practice in Lake Jackson, TX before he went into
>"government" work. He was my sister's OB, and delivered my niece.
bragging, complaining, or just reporting???


Stephen H. Karlson 753-6980 (815)

Apr 30, 1993, 4:49:00 PM4/30/93
I received the following from Congressman Ron Paul (formerly a
Representative from Texas). Evidently Linda Thompson is not the
only paranoid out there:

------------------------------quoted text follows-------------------
Dear Fellow American:

You may not have much time left. Next year, or next month,
Bill Clinton's New Money could wipe you out. I don't mind telling
you: I'm scared.

Not that I miss George Bush. On November 1, 1988, I predicted
to a skeptical _Wall Street Journal_ that he would bring us "war
and depression." Little did I realize that he would also raise our
taxes, impose race quotas, and put East Africa on food stamps!

But bad as Bush was, Bill Clinton gives me the willies. The
slick willies. This guy will even make us nostalgic for Jimmy
Carter, the first Trilateralist "moderate" foisted on us.

(Founded by David Rockefeller, the elite and secretive
Trilateral Commission works for big government at home, and world
government abroad. Carter, Bush, and Clinton belong.)

It's sometimes thought that Rockefeller and his friends are
capitalists. But they're not. They're for special government
privileges and subsidies for themselves, and massive welfare for the
underclass. Your job, as a member of the middle class, is to pick
up the tab.

Clinton campaigned on a Rockefeller agenda: more spending and
more taxes to benefit big business and the welfare class. No wonder
Clinton was publicly blessed by David Rockefeller in the _New York
Times_, and by the Establishment media all during the campaign.

What kind of a man is Bill Clinton? Our families tell much
about us. Clinton's wife is a far leftist with _very_ close female
friends (while her husband is a sexual playboy of John F. Kennedy
proportions). A friend of mine who attended Yale Law School with
Hillary says that she was known as the "class commie." Today, I
guess, she is merely a pinko. And "Co-President" of the United

According to the _Washington Times_, Clinton's mother spends
every day at the horsetrack near corrupt Hot Springs. According to
_The New Republic_, as a nurse anesthesist, she once let a patient
die while doing her nails. She was found to be criminally
negligent, and then cleared. Her son Bill, the governor, then
promoted the man who cleared her.

You may have read about the uproar over pardons of hardened
criminals signed by a state senator who was temporary Arkansas
governor during the inauguration. Now the _Washington Times_
reports that the pardons were engineered by Clinton before he went
to Washington. One of the criminals let out of prison was the son
of a politician who had been exposing Clinton's black and white
illegitimate children with photos and addresses. "Woods colts,"
they're called in Arkansas slang. Then they made a corrupt deal.
The man agreed to shut up during the campaign; Clinton agreed to
spring his son.

Then there is Clinton's brother Roger, who according to the
_Washington Post_, is a convicted cocaine dealer. What a "First

Politically, Clinton -- a VIP student visitor to Brezhnev's
Moscow under circumstances that have never been explained -- is a
McGovernite, not a "moderate." Just one example: his chief economic
advisor, Professor Laura Tyson of Berkeley, wrote three books
praising Stalinist economics in Romania! And when he was attorney
general of Arkansas, Bill Clinton declared a "war on cash." It was
good preparation for what he plans for you.

The good news is: you don't have to let it happen. But unless
you take action, it will.

Picture this: your feet are aching and your patience ran out
a long time ago. How dare these bureaucrats make you wait in line
to turn in your greenbacks? Then, when it's finally your turn, you
wish it weren't.

An IRS agent asks -- with that chilling politeness -- for your
name, address, Social Security number, and explanation and
justification of your cash. While muggers and rapists run free on
the streets, the government focuses on you.
--------------------------end quoted text--------------------------

It goes on, and on, in the same vein ...

Steve Karlson

Get a good start and sail on the lifted tack.

Doris Smith

May 1, 1993, 1:11:01 PM5/1/93
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> bragging, complaining, or just reporting???
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