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On Saturday, August 9, 1997 at 12:30:00 PM UTC+5:30, Margaret Buttignol wrote:
> Hi, I have just joined and I have a pressing question. I hope that
> someone will help.
> I am writing a doctoral thesis on teacher creativity from a
> heuristic-phenomenological(Moustakas, 1990) p.o.v.
> I understand that phenomenology "describes" the essence of the experience but
> how do I deal with my urge to include some sort of "interpretation" in
> the thesis. I feel that I need to contextualize the research findings in
> the end because I must address how they can be translated into social
> change and policy change. I thought of calling the chapter dealing with
> this interpretation "discussion" but that sounds so boring; and I feel
> like I am trying to camouflage what I am doing as I add some
> interpretation to a phenomenological thesis.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
> P.S. Does anyone know Clark Moustakas' e-mail address? I believe that he
> works in the Psychology Department at the Union Institute in Cincinnati. I
> would love to ask him about this.
> Margie Buttignol
> Doctoral Candidate
> OISE/University of Toronto

may i suggest "dialogues" instead of discussions, that carries , or is a carries of lexical , laconic as well as syntax ! thus interpretation is upto readers and writers, read - 'reading and writing', or 'writing and difference and deference'- Derrida on Deconstruction : points of rupture , power discourse , subliminal sub-text , containment,management and subvertion and invertion of form or style , with the stream and theme or topic/contextual approach , culture /historical materialism by Stephen Greenblatt, 'Introduction' in Renaissance Self -Fashioning , Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory: An Introduction. 2nd edn. (Oxford:
Blackwell). hope that would help , as well as let the boken , fragmented , tonal quality or voice or narrative reveal the intent , meaning significance as well as interpretations, which further's one's horizonz and expands field of knowledge,understanding experience and wisdom. Hope that was helpful

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