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Basanti Majumdar

Feb 16, 1995, 2:14:10 AM2/16/95
Hi! I am looking for referenses on Train the trainer technique and
participatory method, any information will be helpful, Thanks, basanti.

Basanti Majumdar,PhD
HSc 3N28-McMaster University FAX: (905) 521-8834
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Feb 16, 1995, 2:18:47 PM2/16/95
Well, this is a file not a literature review reply....please pull my file and
make sure that I can graduate if I pass the 5 hours I am taking AND have my
thesis accepted on time! I paid the fee, filled out the paperwork in the reg-
istrar's office and took your copy to Gail Hall. I have even hung my tassel on
the end of a stick in front of the computer! In other words, if I am NOT going
to be able to finish this semester - you probably ought to e-mail it!
We were in Robins Stadium watching the Spiders take on ECU Saturday. What a
contest! Each team trying to lose first!

Avi Rose

Feb 16, 1995, 4:22:40 PM2/16/95

I have tried to respond to you using the address you listed below, but it
won't work. Could you please contact me at my address, I have a request
with regard to your note.


Avi Rose <>

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Hofmann R wrote:

> To Qualitative Researchers,
> Recently I have become interested in the structure, placement and use of
> "literature reviews" in dissertations. There are a variety of positions
> regarding structure, placement and use of the "literature review." If you
> have served on a qualitative dissertation committee I would like to know what
> your position is with regard to structure, placement and use of the
> "literature review." If you have completed a qualitative dissertation I
> would apprciate a brief description of how your committee expected you to use
> the literature review and a brief commentary noting how you felt about your
> review and its utility. By responding directly to me (NO REPLY KEYS) you may
> rest assured that your commentary will not be associated with your name. If
> you have served on a dissertation committee or if you are a student and do
> not mind having your name associated with my summary then just let me know
> when you send your commentary to me.
> Specifically with regard to placement, where should the review be located in
> a dissertation - before or after the methodology? There are of course other
> more specific choices about placement. Briefly note where you think that it
> should be placed and why.
> With regard to strucure, I'm interested in whether you might use a fixed
> format, and if so briefly describe the format. Some like to think of the
> format as one that addresses certain types of questions. Still others see
> the literature review as a comprehensive summary of all the published
> research associated with a given problem. Please provide a brief note about
> placement.
> Use of the literature may be tied to structure and placement or it may be
> tied to something else. I would also apprciate a brief comment on your
> perspective regarding the use of the "literature review."
> Please send your comments to me and not to the list. I will provide a
> summary of the commentary for the whole list. I think that these are
> important questions that are in need of elaboration, and I can't think of a
> more informed group from which to get the elaborations.
> Rich Hofmann - Professor - Educational Leadership
> RHOFMANN@MIAMIU (disregard my mailing address on the header of this note)

James Swartz

Feb 16, 1995, 5:42:15 PM2/16/95
Harry F. Wolcott's little book Writing Up Qualitative research gives a
concise answer to many of your questions as does his newer book
Transforming Qualitative Data. Both are from Sage Publishing.

Jim Swartz
346 Graduate Education Building
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Hofmann R

Feb 17, 1995, 10:24:45 AM2/17/95
I understand that there has been some difficulty reaching me with private
responses to my request on literature reviews at the previous address. I'm
not sure what the problem is but a second address, which really should be OK
is listed below.

Also a note of clarification. I do indeed understand that there are many ways
to do reviews. My interest is in learning about the various manners in which
they are used and why they are used in specifically diffferent manners.

I have received some interesting private replies and would encourage you to
take several miutes to reply if you have either written a qualitative
dissertation or been on a qualitative dissertation committee. Rich Hofmann


Feb 17, 1995, 7:48:15 PM2/17/95
It will be interesting to make decisions in this area...there are probably a nu
mber of possibilities.

Apr 11, 2017, 1:53:52 PM4/11/17
It is very important to notice that your review should not be simply an explanation of what others have published in the proper execution of some summaries, but should take the proper execution of a crucial discussion, showing insight and an awareness of differing arguments, theories and approaches. It ought to be a synthesis and analysis of the relevant published work, linked at all times to your own personal purpose and rationale.
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