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Andy Bach

Oct 29, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/29/97

I have seen a winmail.dat a couple times a day for the last week, so it looks
like time to repost this (orig. from Larry Resch):

I have a request for all users of Exchange. It seems that Exchange
adds an additional attachment (WINMAIL.DAT) to all of your e-mail and
I wonder if you could disable it. It seems that this attachment is
used only by Exchange and those of us not using it are cursed with an
attachment that basically repeats your standard text message although
at a much larger size.....
I have included at the bottom a message that was forwarded to the
List way back in October 96. It outlines the problem and steps to
disable the attachments. I do not intend to start any threads on how
good/bad Exchange or M$ products are, and I do not hope I offend
anyone with the enclosed. (It's not my write up.) However, in the
interest of keeping the amount of unnecessary e-mail traffic to a
minimum, it behooves us who have admin responsibility for e-mail not
to send out these attachments. (Someone just kicked out my soap box
so I better shut up!:)
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Stop Exchange from Attaching WINMAIL.DAT

Last Modified: 1/6/96

A good way to piss people off on the Internet is to repeatedly fill their
mailbox with the useless WINMAIL.DAT attachments that Microsoft Exchange
insists on including. Since Exchange supports rich-text email (bold,
italic, multiple fonts, etc.), and Internet email doesn't, any email
sent from Exchange to a non-Exchange mail reader will contain an Attachment
called WINMAIL.DAT. If you use Exchange, you won't see this file, and the
message will retain its formatting. However, it can be confusing for those
who don't use Exchange (the majority of the Internet population), and have
no use for this file. Here's how to turn it off:

Step #1:
Double-click on the Mail and Fax icon in Control Panel.
Click on the Services tab, and select Internet Mail from the list. If
Internet Mail is not listed, click Add to add this service.
Click Properties, and then Message Format.
Turn off the option that reads Use MIME when sending messages. Click OK and
then OK again.

Step #2:
Double-click on the name of the recipient in your Address Book.
Turn off the option that reads Always send to this recipient in Microsoft
rich-text format.
This option needs to be set for each recipient of a message - if even one
has this turned on, all recipients will still get the attachment.

---- Repost off ---

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