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NewList - From Educational CyberPlayGround

The CyberPlayGround Newsletter
Founded by Karen Ellis
Volume 2003, number 1
Over 13,000 readers and still growing.

Thought for the issue
The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.
Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915) American author, editor and printer.

by Karen Ellis
Standing In The Shadows of Motown wins two grammys

I couldn’t be happier to announce that my friends, the Funk Brothers, were
celebrated with two grammys at the recent awards show. After years of
playing music as the studio band for Motown records in virtual annonmity,
they received their long overdue acknowledgement as an intgregal part of
rock and roll history. I was proud to be part of the production of the
movie about their live’s, "Standing In The Shadows of Motown," To help
share the importance of this group and motivate students to pursue their
dreams I have created the "Funk Brothers Webquest"

In addition, if you are here are some books by various Funk Brothers to
recommend to your librarian or for developing an intergrated unit of study.

Social Studies
A little late, and no sarcastic remarks about that being a trait of women,
here is a comprehensive list of resources to help individualize lesson
plans. A great source for essay topics, compare and contrast assignments,
and for creating a timeline of women in history. Special sections include
women in science and technology, women entrepresnuers, NASA Female
Frontiers Project, mentoring programs, and sites that encourage girls in
the sciences. A special link explains who women worked in the development
of computers.

No April’s Fools
The purpose of the Internet was to share and so we are asking you to send
any special interest sites to us at Please provide
us with the URL and a description. Here are some good reasons to contribute

The quickest way to search the web is to have someone else do it for you
and we have that man. The Nethappenings leaders, Gleason Sackmann, is
providing daily posts on the best and latest in educational related
resources. No need to use search engines and directories, or spend hours
surfing when Gleason and his band of educational cyber investigators
generate daily lists of resourses for you to explore. Want to learn more
about computer security, where to find a job, what’s new in resources,
sign-up now.
To sign-up for this free service use this link:

Gleason was awarded the SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding
Service Award and rated #10 on Newsweek's prestigious List of "50 People
Who Matter Most on the Internet."(Newsweek, Dec25, 1995/Jan. 1, 1996) For
more about Gleason check out:

School Registry
Gleason has created a HotList Online Registry for schools that are cool and
connected. In addition, he has links to Every State, American Territories,
Native Amercan Schools, and VirtualSchools, State School Districts, State
Government, State Association of Administrators, State Standards, State
Technology Coordinators, and State School Board
Associations. This is a free service.

What’s Hot
This section contains some of the latest sections of the cyber-playground
in case you want to romp around looking for that new idea or just make a
new friend. Hey, that’s what playgrounds are for.


- Security Crisis Curriculum
- Armed Forces E-Mail Exchange - K-12 can email and show
their support for service personnel

- Do Not Rely on Textbooks -
Why Should You Integrate the Internet into your classroom?
- Interdisciplinary Curriculum has a new look

- Information about email and privacy - do you have any?

- New Winner received the "Anonymous Was a Woman" Award

- New Teachers Area
- Pro's and Con's regarding Retention - Who Will Benefit?
- Database of K 12 Subject Area Resources - NEW
- Health
Search Engines To Use For Health Information
- Science
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Theory

- New Info for anyone interested in Self Publishing
- Self Publishing - Will you make money?

Music Makes You Smarter, find new activities in the Ideas for Classroom Use
on ear health, ear training and testing for pitch.

Have you ever wondered what vernacular vs. dialect vs. pidgin vs. Creole
mean? Me neither, but its here plus the latest research on the best way to
teach reading…phonics, whole word, or balanced are all examined.

If you are an education vendor now is the time to get your paid listing,
text ad, commercial body content banner ad or free listing and free body
content ad ready to submit.(you need to ad the number of hits and other
demographic data here to make it more appealing)

Advertisers Looking to Help Our Readers

The results of our latest reader survey revealed educators and others who
were especially interested in Educational Software, Software Reviews,
Hardware, Evaluations of software and hardware, Educational Technology,
Books, Texts, Publications, CD's, DVD's, Video, Multimedia, Educational
Sites, Lesson Plans, Educational supplies/products, Curriculum Materials,
Projects and Activities, Misc.
Reviews, Grade / Subject Specific Materials / Products, Educational
Research / Information, and Resources.

If you want to help them remember that Education Vendors are invited to
list their special rates, services, product offers to our readers
(aka)prosumers :-)

If you are are interested in finding out more about your rights if
assaulted at school click on the url below and go to the assult section.
This site is sponsored by the Horace Mann Company.

The Playground could use some help. Here is a list of current openings.

In the next issue we are going to feature………………………..

Karen Ellis
ECP Founder and RingLeader

NewList - From Educational CyberPlayGround

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