LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT - HotList Of K-12 School Sites and Famed Announcement Lists Are Back Online

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Gleason Sackmann

Nov 19, 2002, 11:41:19 PM11/19/02
From: Gleason Sackmann <gle...@EDU-CYBERPG.COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:14:22 -0600
Subject: LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT - HotList Of K-12 School Sites and Famed Announcement Lists Are Back Online

For Immediate Release
Jim Leonhirth
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HotList Of K-12 School Sites and Famed Announcement
Lists Are Back Online

Internet Veterans Gleason Sackmann and Karen Ellis
Team to Revive NetHappenings and Several Other
Key Resources at Educational CyberPlayground

/URLwire/ PHILADELPHIA, PA US (--November 19, 2002--)
Long-time Internet pioneers Gleason Sackmann and
Karen Ellis have teamed up to revive several of
the Net's best known resources for educators.

The revived Web sites and announcement lists had been
offline since October and include:

- The Original HotList Of K-12 Internet School Sites

A master registry of K-12 schools that offer
their own Web sites on the Internet. The registry also
includes sites for school districts, state and regional
education organizations, state departments of
education, charter schools, virtual schools, state
standards, and state administrators.

- NetHappenings

An electronic mailing list, newsgroup, and Web site
provided to the Internet community since 1993.
NetHappenings distributes announcements of Internet
resources and events daily to thousands of Internet
users. Included are conference announcements, calls
for papers, network resource announcements, newsletters,
and network tool updates. Current mailing list membership
is more than 9,000, and in 1996 NetHappenings was selected
as "Best Net News," by Internet World magazine.

- K12 Newsletters:

Provided to the Internet community since April 1998
and an off-shoot of the NetHappenings mailing list
and Web site. The goal of K12 Newsletters is to combine
in one place the best of the Internet's various K-12

- Network Newsletters:

Has been published online since May 1994.
The goal of Network Newsletters is to combine in one place
the best of the Internet's regularly published e-zines,
allowing users to read or browse all or none of them
from the same mailing list.

- New-List:

Begun July 1, 1998, the New-List mailing list was brought
under the umbrella of services provided by the Internet
Scout Project. The mailing list was founded in January of
1989 by Marty Hoag at North Dakota State University and
was moderated and maintained by him for more than nine years.
The New-List mailing list continues to provide the Internet
community with prompt notification of the creation of a
new mailing list on any given topic. Also in the newsgroup.

Sackmann has created and been involved with Net-related
educational projects since 1991, when he joined the SENDIT
project, one of the first statewide telecommunication
networks dedicated to the K-12 community. He was selected
as one of the "Net 50" by Newsweek magazine, Dec 25, 1995

Sackmann said about the relaunch, "I am thrilled that Karen
has saved these resources from extinction. By providing
the backend to host and publish them, we will be able
to continue providing news of the most useful online
resources for educators."

Ellis said about the launch: "Gleason is a Net legend.
He has tirelessly worked for over 10 years helping
people learn about new online educational content and
tools. I'm honored to help revive his legendary
lists and site, which for last few months have been
greatly missed."

Also assisting on the relaunch and with ongoing link
building strategies is Eric Ward of

Karen Ellis is the founder and publisher of The
Educational CyberPlayground, which was launched in
September 1999 and now has more than 1 million annual
visitors to its 1,500+ pages of specialty content
for educators and education vendors.

The Educational CyberPlayGround provides teachers,
parents, librarians, home schoolers, and regular folks
a cybrarians webliography of links to educational
resources in the arts, music, literacy, linguistics,
science, technology, social studies, and
interdisciplinary educational curriculum.

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