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Mar 29, 1993, 7:47:00 PM3/29/93
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Subject: TECHNICAL: 40th STC Annual Conference--Don't Miss It (*COMP.COMP*) (5)
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The Society for Technical Communication (STC) Annual Conference is the
world's largest conference covering technical writing, editing,
illustrating, and related issues. The 40th STC Annual Conference,
Post-Conference Workshops, and Exposition are set for June 6-10, 1993, at
the Loews Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

You Can't Afford NOT To Attend This Conference

Here are some reasons how you and your employer will benefit:
* Keep current with developments in the Technical Communication profession.
* Choose from more than 220 Technical Sessions, 9 Post-Conference Workshops,
and learn innovative and cost-cutting ideas from the experts.
* The compact schedule means less time away from your office thereby saving
money. Remember that better trained employees mean enhanced productivity.
* Network with other professional technical communicators and learn how they
have overcome obstacles you are currently encountering.
* Visit the Exposition and view firsthand a variety of state-of-the-art
products and services.
* Learn new organizational and design ideas for your documentation projects
by viewing the winning entries in STC's International Technical Art,
Publications, and Video Competitions.
* Meet consultants and independent contractors, full-time employees, managers
and supervisors, educators and students, illustrators and graphic artists,
and trainers.
* Fill job openings and learn about available jobs.
* And, there is much, much more!

All STC members and those that have so requested should have received their
Preliminary Programs by now.
* Have you sent your Registration Form to the Society office?
* Have you sent your Hotel reservation Form to the Dallas Convention &
Visitors Bureau?
* Have you mailed your Hospitality Form to Yellow Rose Touring?
* Have you sent your T-Shirt and Coffee Mug Order Form to STC Lone Star
If the answer to these questions are YES, you are all set for the
Conference. If you answered NO to any of these questions, read on. If you
desire a Preliminary Program, read on.

Send in Your Registration Form Today

The Preliminary Program details all events during the Conference. To
register, submit the Registration Form along with the necessary fees to the
Society office by Friday, May 28, to avoid late fees. The
full-registration fee allows you to receive a copy of the Proceedings and
to attend the following events:

Exposition, Chapter Leaders' Workshop, First Timers' Session, Welcome
Session, and President's Reception (complementary).
Continental Breakfast (complementary), Opening Session, Exposition
continues, Technical Sessions (more than 65 sessions are scheduled),
Networking Luncheon (additional fee), Competition Winners' Reception,
Program Tour, Chapter Leaders Reception, and Professional Interest
Committees Reception.
Continental Breakfast (complementary), Exposition continues, Technical
Sessions (more than 85 sessions are scheduled), STC Annual Business
Meeting, Program Tours, Networking PICnic Luncheon (additional fee), STC
Forum, and Honors Reception and Banquet (additional fee).
Continental Breakfast (complementary), Technical Sessions (some 40 sessions
are scheduled), Program Tour, Conference Recognition Luncheon (additional
fee), Closing Session, and Lone Star Chapter Host Party (additional fee).
Post-Conference Workshops (additional fee)--7 full-day and 2 half-day
workshops are scheduled.

Sign Up for the Optional Hospitality and Tour Events

Optional hospitality events are scheduled before, during, and after the
Conference. The Hospitality Form must be submitted by May 17 to Yellow
Rose Touring & Special Events. These events include:

Communication After Hours--Texas Style (optional fee) to the Mesquite
Championship Rodeo. This will be a fun-filled event that you do not want
to miss.
Dallas in Bloom (optional fee) to the Dallas Arboretum; A Night in the
Wild, Wild West (optional fee) for an evening at Billy Bob's Nightclub; Food,
Fun, and West End Festivities (optional fee) for an evening in Dallas'
popular West End.
Fort Worth: Cowboys and Culture (optional fee) to Fort Worth historical
The Sixth Floor JFK Museum, Dealey Plaza, and More (optional fee).
Technical Communication Day at INFOMART (optional fee), where you can visit
several vendors to learn state-of-the-art technology.

Hotel Reservations

Most attendees will be staying at the Loews Anatole Hotel--the Conference
Headquarters. Other nearby Conference hotels include the Market Center
Inn, Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Sheraton Suites, and Stouffer Hotel. Mail
your Hotel Reservation Form by May 4 to the Dallas Convention and Visitors

Official Airlines

Delta and Southwest Airlines are the official airlines for the 40th STC
Annual Conference. While these airlines probably have the best fares,
there may be special cases or locations where they do not. Check with your
favorite airline or a travel agent to be sure.

Order Your T-Shirt and Coffee Mug

To celebrate the 40th STC Annual Conference and the theme "Communication
Roundup," STC Lone Star Chapter is selling special, limited-edition
T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be
placed in the Lone Star Chapter Scholarship Fund. Mail your Order Form to
the Lone Star Chapter by May 1 to reserve your T-Shirt and Coffee Mug.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Because the 40th STC Annual Conference is being held in Dallas, Texas,
travel is convenient from both coasts and to the world. So, dust off your
cowboy boots and hat, pack all your fancy duds, and register today for the
Communication Roundup--do not miss out!

For a copy of the Preliminary Program, Registration Material, and Exposition
Information, contact the Society for Technical Communication, 901 North Stuart
Street, Suite 904, Arlington, Virginia 22203-1854; telephone 703/522-4114; fax
703/522-2075. Or, send E-Mail to Binion Amerson, General Manager, at and include your name, address, and telephone number.

Binion Amerson,
General Manager, 40th STC Annual Conference

Binion Amerson, Senior Technical Writer, OpenConnect Systems, 2711 LBJ Frwy,
Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75234; 214/888-0447; 214/484-6100 (fax);
General Manager: 40th STC Annual Conference, June 6-10, 1993, Dallas, TX


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