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Jan 20, 1994, 3:15:58 PM1/20/94

Hi -- I'm the editor of our LIS school newsletter and I
am making it available via email to the students at our
school [University of Washington]. We also put out a printed
copy, which is the primary media of publication [so far].

I am interested in knowing what, if any, student publications
are put out by folks at other library school and who decides
what goes in them, who edits them and whatnot. I will be happy
to email the Sojourner [our 8 pg 'zine] to anyone who would
like to take a look at it. I can mail it in text-only format,
or as a Word for Mac MIME attachment [if you have software
support for this, PINE works]. I would love it if folks could
email or pmail me copies of their newsletters, or at least
give me an idea of what the newsletter process is like
at your school. I would be happy to summarize info I
receive for the list.

My snail mail address is 703 N 39th #3 Seattle, WA 98103. Email
address follows.


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