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Gaspar, Marcelo , M.J.

Jan 30, 2001, 9:11:36 AM1/30/01
Hello people,

I'm trying migration of CobolDC load module through PUPS but something
wrong is happening.
Have you ever used the PUPS to do it?


Marcelo Gaspar
Large Systems Database Software, LSDS
Amagus Consulting at Ford Motor Co.
*(313)248-4634 ext.84634/Pager (313)851-7035

Apr 6, 2016, 7:45:20 AM4/6/16
Hi Marcia,

Apologies for visiting this post 15 years after it was created. But this is the only post I have seen so far in Google related to the Ford PUPS 2000 Migration System.

Recently (since Feb 2016) one of the build teams I co-ordinate with are facing issues migrating SAS & REXX code via PUPS. This is directly impacting my deliverables

All that team told me is that they are using Endevor nowadays and there is nobody in their team who knows PUPS. But some of the old load modules are still on PUPS.

Are you still associated with CobolDC and PUPS? If so please let me know your thoughts on replacing PUPS 2000 with Endevor. Can you give me some tips how to completely do away with PUPS and use Endevor instead and how the libraries (could be COBOL / SAS / JCL / REXX libraries) which were earlier on PUPS can be moved to Endevor without any issues?

I am not able to find any documentation on PUPS in google (believe me I searched thoroughly)

Thanks & Regards
Freelance VisionPLUS / Endevor / Panvalet Developer
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