IDMS/CICS LU6.2 Connections

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Lupico, Joe

Apr 30, 2002, 3:45:55 PM4/30/02
I have a situation where one of my clients has set up a new IDMS region
(release 12.x) to mirror an existing production region. They have also
defined an LU6.2 connection to a CICS region. The original region also has
an LU6.2 connection, but to a different CICS region.
Now, here's the "problem". The LU6.2 connection in the production IDMS
and CICS regions behaves fairly well (at least, as well as LU6.2 can). Each
region cycles each day, and when they come up, the LU6.2 connection is
automatically established (we are sure to bring IDMS up before CICS).
However, in these "mirror" systems, the connection only happens most of the
time. There are days when the connection does not get established and needs
to be done manually.
My question is: does anyone have any idea why the connection would happen
most days, but not all the time? My thinking is that it either works or it
doesn't - it shouldn't work about 4 out of 5 days (and not always the same
day of the week).
IDMS is going away soon (within 2 months), so I'm not going to drive
myself crazy figuring this out. Plus, I can't cycle these regions to debug
the problem. I am simply being requested to find some method of having the
connection monitored so it is available when the masses arrive for work.
I'm just having a tough time dealing with the fact it works 80-90% of the

Joe Lupico
IDMS Support
"Our World is a Happy World"

Steve Laufer DNET

May 1, 2002, 12:16:46 PM5/1/02
We recently experienced a similar problem but for release 15. Our situation
that we had to do the manual connection about 95% of the time. Ultimately
provided an apar to resolve the problem, but along the way we discovered
we needed to turn security off in the srtt on internal task 06F1 which
invokes rhdccnos.
By doing so it didn't matter which order idms and cics were brought up in,
the lu6.2 connection would be made; and it would also get reconnected if
either cics or idms
was recycled without the other.
Steve Laufer

Boyce, Bill , CAP, CARD

May 2, 2002, 3:36:26 PM5/2/02
Joe, another thought is to make sure you specify "ACQUIRE" on your pterm definitions.
Bill Boyce

Mar 2, 2020, 2:52:38 PM3/2/20
Eighteen years later, I have an add-on question.

It's been years since I did anything with IDMS & LU6.2. I have a customer asking me to "add a CICS tran code to the LU6.2 table". I'm assuming he means in the dictionary, but I can't seem to find exactly how that is done.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

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