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Jim Sagawa

May 30, 2001, 12:34:33 PM5/30/01
JES3 heritage can be traced back to the 7090 and 7040.

IBM Los Angeles Westchester Branch Office, North American Aviation, and (I
think) the UCLA Western Data Processing Center jointly developed the
7040/7090 Direct Couple system. The idea was to keep the fast, expensive,
processor doing CPU intensive work, and the smaller, cheaper, system would
off load administrative support work. It involved hardware and software
connections such that the 7040 had direct access to the 7090 core memory,
the 7040 did unit record SPOOLing, tape device set up, job scheduling,
operator communication, and the 7090 did job execution. The software was
modified $IBSYS. Other aerospace installations, e.g. Lockheed California,
also ran the Direct Couple system.

With the advent of System/360, Direct Couple ideas were applied to S/360's
e.g. 360/40-360/65, connected via Channel-to-Channel, multiple main
processors, running modified OS/360 PCP. This was ASP, Attached Support
Processor. IBM Western Region Programming Systems Marketing (in LA), and
the original Direct Couple players, notably North American and LA
Westchester BO, developed ASP. A slightly later development of ASP
supported all functions running in a single CPU. This was called Local ASP

Later, IBM did some badge engineering and renamed ASP to JES3 and HASP to

Jim Sagawa

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Bob Halpern

May 30, 2001, 1:55:36 PM5/30/01
The original DCS product received from Simpson & Crabtree in Houston
was developed into a product by IBM and UCLA staff. I don't if other
players got in on the ASP work. The first local asp was trashed in the
design review as it as an attempt to answer HASP - its illegal
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