Batch Capacity Planning - BWATOOL?

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Martin, Mike

Sep 12, 2011, 11:53:37 AM9/12/11

We are looking at acquiring a new application to run on z/OS.
Supposedly, the batch is very CPU intensive. We have been talking to a
another customer who already runs this application to get an idea of the
resources we will need.

I'd feel better though, if we found a good batch capacity planning tool
to gauge how it will run on our system. I ran across a tool called
BWATOOL from IBM. Has anyone used BWATOOL? Is it still available? Are
there other/similar tools for z/OS batch capacity planning?

Mike Martin

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Martin Packer

Sep 19, 2011, 9:33:33 AM9/19/11
Mike, as it's been a week and no reply to your post I thought I'd bite the
bullet and summarise my thoughts on Batch Capacity Planning in a blog post
(or maybe two). (I'd been hoping some debate would ensue but none has
shown up.) :-(

But on your question of BWATOOL, its role was really to show what happens
to a batch job when the engine speed of the processor it's running on
changes. I'm not sure how that really helps when it comes to Capacity
Planning. And I've not seen ACTIVE references to BWATOOL in a long time.

If you really DO want to figure out the effect of an engine speed change
you probably could "roll your own" - in MXG or whatever. You'd have to
supply your own engine speed comparison, of course. And you'd have to
understand that CPU queuing make the whole exercise a little fraught.
Perhaps I'll touch on more-versus-faster as it applies to Batch in the
first post.

Cheers. Martin

Martin Packer,
Mainframe Performance Consultant, zChampion
Worldwide Banking Center of Excellence, IBM



Twitter / Facebook IDs: MartinPacker

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12/09/2011 16:53
Batch Capacity Planning - BWATOOL?
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