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Child Rapist Teaching At A University ??????

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Anonymous People

Jun 19, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/19/95
Letter Found Posted At Southwest Texas State, San Marcos, TX
uploaded file:

1) Internet News Groups
2) Colleges and Universities
3) American people
4) Government authorities

From :
(Due to terrorist threats)

To Whom It May concern,
We request that you work on our behalf in finding a way to indict
Lawrence Estaville Jr., for sexually molesting Susanne Estaville, during
her childhood. Susanne Estaville is now an adult and suffers with mental
and emotional damage. She can not even get married. She recently tried to
get an indictment with the help of the District Attorney in Lake Charles,
Louisiana, but unfortunately they said they could not do anything because
of the Statue Of Limitations. Now she must fear for her life from threats
made by Lawrence Estaville Jr. . Lawrence Estaville Jr., also just recently
in a mad rage, called Joyce Estaville, in Fond - Du - Lac, WI, and told her
he would murder her if they found out about this at your University. This
threat was made because of all the complaints that were made on him at
CSU Fresno and by the complaints that Chancellor Barry Munitz of CSU in
California, received concerning his unethical activity. The complaints were so
great that Lawrence Estaville had to move to another state ( now Texas ), and
try to teach or become Chairman again at another university.
When CSU in Fresno was asked if they knew where Lawrence Estaville Jr.
was, they replied, they did not know, and that he was not chairman at their
University anymore. For verification of this and the complaints made on him
at CSU Fresno and the Chancellor of CSU Longbeach call or write:

CSU Fresno
5241 North Maple Ave.
Fresno, California 93740
Ph# 209-278-2797

or Chancellor Barry Munitz
CSU Longbeach
Longbeach, California

This person, Lawrence Estaville is extremely dangerous. He is mentally
unstable. There is medical documented proof that he committed suicide, and
doctors at a Lake Charcles hospital brought him back to life. Joyce
Estaville, his ex-wife, can verify this information because she brought him
to the hospital. Joyce Estaville can be reached at :

Joyce Estaville
735 Mc Arthur Dr.
Fond-Du-Lac, WI
PH# 414-921-8480

Joyce Estaville can also verify that he sexually molested her daughter
when Susanne was a child. She even had to guard Susanne 24 hours a day, to
try to prevent Lawrence from forcefully having sex with her. To forcefully
have sex with a child, starting when she was about 10 years old, and using
terrorist threats on her if she talked, is called "Child Rape". Rape is one
thing, but raping children is another. This shows that he has no morals, or
value for human life.
This Lawrence Estaville also repeatedly braggs about "putting a
Colonol of the United States Army away". To put someone away means to
murder them. This was his commanding officer. Just recently, like a few months
ago, the Defense Department was trying to locate and question Lawrence
Estaville Jr., about this and other insubordinate activity. Joyce Estaville
can verify this. You can contact the Defense Department and find out more.
Another victim of Lawrence Estaville Jr. was Debra Joy Estaville. She
has uterus problems and can not eat food, and she also can not get married.
It is suspected that she was sexually molested too, but she can not talk about
it, and must stay away from most of her family (Joyce's side of the family).
They said when she found out what her father did to Susanne, she couldn't
speak for a couple of weeks. It is believed she also is suffering from
mental and emotional damage.
The damage done to the victims of Lawrence Estaville is usually like
things done by serial killers. They like to control, rape and murder their
victims. Lawrence Estaville fits this description perfectly.
It is requested that you do something about this Lawrence Estaville Jr.
immediately, because efforts will be made to inform everyone at that
University about a CHILD RAPIST teaching and being Chairman of Geography there.
It is requested that you fire or remove Lawrence Estaville from that
University immediately.

The University where he is now teaching is at:

Southwest Texas State
601 University Dr.
San Marcos, Texas 77666

(( Lawrence Estaville's Internet E-Mail Address can be found by Mosiac ))

He just recently went from a fired position CSU as Chairman Of Geography,
to Chairman Of Geography at Southwest Texas State (SWT). How he managed
to do that is beyond me.
This is NOT a hoax story. The Board Of Regents, Texas State Board Of
Education, The Governor Of Texas, The Dean Of Lib Arts at SWT, The President
of SWT Dr. Supple, SWT Faculty, SWT Staff, SWT Students, The President Of
The United States Bill Clinton, Chief Of Staff Of The Army, Senators Of Texas,
and many more authories have already been informed about this CHILD RAPIST
MURDERER. Why he is still allowed to teach is unknown??? It is unethical
in every University, and every position in government and politics, for
a person like Lawrence Estaville Jr, to hold a position there, where
many lives can be damaged or killed!
We request immediate action in the firing of Lawrence Estaville
and the removal of his licence to teach at any University. If a Chancellor
fires him from all CSU's (California State Universities) in California,
what is he doing here?

Another question is why has it taken so long for the Universities
authorities and government authorities to act on behave of the Witnessess,
Victims, and the American People?

Again, Lawrence Estaville Jr. has a Terrorist state of mind, he
has sexually molested children all his life by force (child rape),
murdered people in the Army, and has attempted to murder and terrorize,
people in the other Universities where he has taught and other anonymous
people. He committed suicide and Lake Charles medical doctors brought
him back to life. He also tries to get his victims to commit suicide.

He claims to use some type of (( evil demonic power )) to control
victims. When asked if he associated with devil worshipers, he replied
that he did.... .

**** And the worst part, he has gotten away with every crime! ****

You can contact the victims and witnesses and authorities for
more information and verification.


Victim #1

Susanne Estaville (Changed name recently back to Susan Sanchez)
5935 Bennie Lane
Lake Charles, La 70605-9228
Ph# 318-474-1529

Victim #2
Debra Joy Estaville
(Location unknown)

Victim #3
******* An Honorable Colonel in the U. S. Army (Presummed dead) *******

Victim #4
He claims he will use terrorist mind control methods
to control all University Students at SWT and "OWN" them
with an evil anti-christ state of mind.

Other victims might me YOU.

Witness #1
Joyce Estaville
735 Mc Arthur Dr.
Fond-Du-Lac, WI
Ph# 414-921-8480

Witness #2
Tom A. Sanchez Sr. (Biological father of Susan)
815 Governor Hall St.
Gretna, La
Ph# 504-362-0454

Witness #3
The Dupre Family
Related to Joyce Estaville
(Ask her for the telephone numbers)

Witness #3
Rose Sanchez
815 Governor Hall St.
Gretna, La.
Ph# 504-362-0454

Witness #4
Dr. Brenda Roberts
117 Jamestown
Lake Charles, La.
Ph# 318-474-3560

Witness #5
Relatives of Joyce Estaville
(they at this time which to remain anonymous)
(because of threats on their lives .... )



o o
' + Imagine the picture of an innocent child about
---- 9 years old being raped and terrorized...,
and all you can see is the sad child's face
, with tears crying and no one there to help

And then, after this, L. Estaville is sexually satisfied, he throws
shoulders back with pride, at a University, as (( Chairman )) .....

What is this person doing teaching at a University?


Wolf Roder

Jun 19, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/19/95
Anonymous accusations against prof. Estaville sound hysterical to me.
I don't think a member of the profession should be vilified in this way.
I think this anonymous slander is outrageous. Disregard it.
Yours, Wolf
Wolf Roder, Geography, U. Cincinnati, Ohio

Erik Kosberg

Jun 19, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/19/95
>This extremely dangerous. He is mentally unstable.
That makes two of you.

>Rape is one thing, but raping children is another.
>This shows that he has no morals, or value for human life.

So, rape is okay???

>You can contact the Defense Department and find out more.

The same folks who think killing 100,000 Iraqis is good?

BTW, the last time I checked, slander was still illegal.

# Erik Kosberg <>
# "So he claims he's obeying the alien voices in his head?"
# "Yes."
# "Well, that's an interesting spin on the Nuremberg Defense."
# -The X-Files

Sep 23, 2019, 5:13:17 PM9/23/19
My maiden name is Frances estaville, my mother was Elizabeth Rose estaville... Lawrence Estaville senior was my grandfather and Lawrence Junior was my uncle "tutor"...
In my honest opinion this Behavior was taught and passed down as an acceptable behavior among the men in my family!!!
I only wish that the "victims" would have spoke up about this Behavior among the men in our family sooner!!! See, I have a little sister that is no longer with me because she could not get over what took place in her life as a child!!! I cannot imagine what my little sister or my cousin Susie went through in the hands of these "child rapist"...

Sep 23, 2019, 5:23:28 PM9/23/19
No rape is not okay!!!

Majority of the men in my family "the estaville" were very sick and Disturbed people!!!

But, because they held face and degrees and where socially acceptable parts of society how dare the victims pointer fingers in their Direction!!!

Nov 26, 2019, 6:19:02 PM11/26/19
I don't believe any of this.

May 2, 2020, 8:58:44 PM5/2/20
I don't care what you believe I know what is true and my sister is dead because of it
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