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From the MUA - Educational Resources and Best Practices in the Med.

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Feb 27, 2014, 10:49:36 AM2/27/14
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The MUA receives numerous requests for information on where students can
study to become underwater archaeologists and maritime historians. We
created an Educational Resources page that contains links to school programs
around the world including contact information, website links, and examples
of research conducted by those institutions and their students posted on the
MUA. Today we welcome Nesiotikà - Insulae Maris Nostri et Externi
Curriculum in Underwater and Coastal Landscape Archaeology in Italy to the
MUA. Please visit their post to see more information on their program.

You can see the Educational Resources page here:


Nesiotikà - Insulae Maris Nostri et Externi starts off their collaboration
with us by posting the Noto Statement on the Future of Underwater Cultural
Heritage Protection and Preservation in the Mediterranean. This important
document was produced at the Euploia conference held in Noto, Sicily in
October 2013. The conference examined how to implement underwater cultural
heritage ‘best practices’ in a Mediterranean context.

You can read the Noto Statement here:

Best regards,

T. Kurt Knoerl Ph.D.
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

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