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TARGET: K-12 Computer Use...Quick Question

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Edtech Editor Hogan

Feb 13, 2014, 3:41:08 PM2/13/14
From: Mary Ann Bell []

Greetings Esteemed Colleagues, I have been campaigning for Web 2.0 access
for teachers and students ever since the origin of the term. One big barrier
has been filtering, and it still is. I have written and presented on this
topic a number of times. But now I have a new concern, something I have been
hearing from students and listserv members. Is there another barrier that is
a by-product of the current emphasis on rote learning, common core, and
standardized testing? Are computers at schools so heavily used for software
that prepares kids for tests or is skills oriented that other more creative
uses are pushed aside? OR, do so many schools have handheld devices or BYOD
such that this is not an issue? Just wondering...I would love yes/no
responses with brief comments. Also, if commercial computer assisted
learning software is reigning supreme, I would be interested in names of the
software being used. Thanks in advance as always! mabell


"Try Curiosity!"--Dorothy Parker
Dr. Mary Ann Bell, Professor
Sam Houston State University
A Member of the Texas State University System Department of Library Science

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