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Re: Computer Access for Creative Assignments

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Edtech Editor Hogan

Feb 18, 2014, 2:30:21 PM2/18/14
From: Mary Ann Bell []

Greetings! Recently I posted a question asking about whether there is a
problem of access for computer use for anything but computer aided
instruction/test prep software. I received 10-12 responses. Every single one
said that this is indeed a problem. Of course I know that people who DO have
an issue are more likely to respond to such a query, but I do believe based
on what I received that this is a problem in many schools across the
country. I got messages from all over the map, not just Texas. Thanks to all
who responded. I will be developing an article with this as one issue
explored, and will post details when such are available. Thanks so much for
all responses and if anybody still wants to contact me, that's great!
Cheers, mabell


"Try Curiosity!"--Dorothy Parker
Dr. Mary Ann Bell, Professor
Sam Houston State University
A Member of the Texas State University System Department of Library Science

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Edtech Editor Hogan

Feb 19, 2014, 9:27:01 AM2/19/14
From: Judy Robison []

I would be interested in knowing what the background of the decision makers
in these situations are. Do they have a classroom background, a primarily
administrative background, or a technical background? Just curious.

Judith Claire Robison
Director of Technology
Saint John’s Catholic Prep
Buckeystown, MD

Edtech Editor Hogan

Feb 20, 2014, 1:08:54 PM2/20/14
From: Janet Eskins []

Forgive my late reply. Our district is a 1:1 for 6-12. Each elementary
school has a cart of 30 laptops for EACH grade level. They all have
applications that can be used creatively and we encourage them to do that.
We have a dedicated position, one at elementary and one at secondary, for
providing professional development and they focus on training teachers on
using the technology creatively to engage students in 21st century skills,
project-based learning, collaborative learning, problem solving, etc.

Janet Eskins
District Technology Specialist
Secondary Professional Development
Farmington High School & Piedra Vista High School Heights, Hermosa, Mesa
View, & Tibbetts Middle Schools Farmington Municipal Schools
(505) 599-8820 ext 1034

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