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Re: Helping high school teacher with differentiating instructon

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Edtech Editor Hogan

Mar 14, 2014, 1:10:26 PM3/14/14
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Greetings! Several days ago I posted a somewhat specific question:
Does anyone have a suggestion? My friend is trying to help a teacher who has
a very large class, students on all levels, and is having trouble
differentiating instruction. I am not entirely sure the group has to be
business per se, since that challenge can crop up in any class. But can
anybody suggest a resource? I went to Classroom 2.0 and found some groups,
but they are inactive and have been for several years. Thanks in advance for
any ideas. I feel for this guy and don't even know him. Cheers, mabell

You could try or

Try #edchat on Twitter with the question! Is good of you to reach out for

What about some sites like Edmodo or SimpleK12? I have enjoyed my
SimpleK12 connections. I did not find a group there for business teachers,
but I did see webinars.

My business teachers sent me this: Our listserve we use is<

It's for Arkansas, but I'm sure they'd welcome anyone!

I don't know if it was this list serve where I learned about,
but I know when I shared it with teachers the one thing they mentioned was
how using it helped them with differentiation. If you are not familiar with
it, it is a web site that can change the vocabulary of text - including
entire web sites. A nice feature because once the site is "rewordified"
everyone can access it and it doesn't look different from the original,
except for the words which you have to read to see they are different. Also
the original vocabulary is just a click away. Don't know if this is what you
had in mind, but I know it was a "hit" with many of my teachers. Good Luck,

I wanted to post in the responses, most of which could help ANY high school
teacher. I continue to be humbled and gratified to belong to these three
great groups: LM_NET, TLC, and EDTECH. Even though my question was a bit
esoteric and it was spring break, I still got some great responses. Thanks
so much everybody! Cheers, mabell


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