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Mark Markish x2799

Aug 13, 1993, 1:24:47 PM8/13/93
> Poster: Rj Fensterman <PR...@PANAM.BITNET>
> Subject: Bosnia...The Horror! The Horror!
> Serge writes:
> >This whole brainwashing campaign in US media is disgusting
> I have to agree... this horror in the former-Yugoslavia has portrayed
> the Serbs from Day One as being to a man (and woman) offspring of some
> bizarre Hitler-Stalin marriage. ...where's "The Other Side of The Story"
> (as Paul Harvey puts it)?

It doesn't take much to see the story from both sides (if you turn off
your TV and don't touch NY Slimes). Truly, the media campaign is more
disgusting than usual, but it shouldn't surprise anyone: it means only
that higher interests are at stake, and/or more $$ has been paid.

As for Paul Harvey, he doesn't deal sides. He tells the Americans
_the_rest_ of the story. But on this one even he has to be reticent.

Good day.

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Howard Kaplan

Aug 14, 1993, 10:40:48 AM8/14/93
And, just what are those facts that are purportedly being distorted? Deliver-
ed, if possible, without name calling.
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